Time to come clean and get really transparent about my personal journey peeps!  For the last 7 years I’ve been on an amazing, incredible, profoundly transformational healing journey.  I’ve turned my life around and upside down, inside out and all around.  (Let’s call it the Hokie Pokie shall we? Cuz that’s what it’s all about!!)548

It all started in December of 02 when I went in to my biz partner and mentor of 18 years – I was in Real Estate, development, consulting, management.  Very left brained, lots of numbers in boxes, dry and precise, masculine oriented logical thinker, ignorant in many ways, cut off in more than a few.

I walked in the door – two months to the day almost from the finalization of my first divorce and told this man (father figure) that I was all done – when he asked what I planned to do next the answer that quite literally FELL out of my mouth was “I’m going to be a Crystal Healer”.  Back then I had another name – and of course another life.  My old partner about fell out of the chair with my announcement – and in fact I didn’t have the slightest clue about crystal healing other than I’d read one book about it and had been making jewelry using crystals for about 4 months.  I’d never even had one myself!

Since then I’ve made good on that promise and then some – I became certified as a crystal healer, initiated as a shamaness, certified as a Light Body Healer, certified in several different versions of Reiki, certified as a Shamballa Basic Master Healer and Teacher, became a juried artist and photographer, opened, operated and closed a healing arts center and visionary art gallery, created 2006-10-08_28and produced a 2 block long street festival for the arts two years in a row, taught metaphysical classes and workshops at a number of spiritually based shops in the New England area, performed psychic readings, angel channelings & shamanic healings in person and over the phone with a number of one on one clients and for the last year and a half have been seriously engaged in the process of figuring out the “Inter”preneurial business world (Internet based!) as a means of utilizing my skills, talents and abilities to serve in the raising of the consciousness and vibrational frequency of the planet.angels

Through it all I’ve re-created myself a number of times – so many times in fact that I was recently approached by Applaud magazine to be interviewed for an article about “re-creating” yourself!  For the first couple of years after leaving my old place of work (and income) I spent more time than you can imagine healing and exploring, I taught myself how to paint, made jewelry, studied estoteric literature, played with metaphysical teachings, meditated, did yoga, went on retreats and had a lot of “floor” time – hours spent on the floor – getting grounded and healing from years of having my creative side all Amethyst Aventurine Moonstone Dragonfly Pendant Necklace & Earring Setbut extinguished.  For those first two years too I was in an on again off again long distance relationship always trying to figure out where it was going to go and at the same time doing the single mom thing caring for my at the time elementary school aged son.  I  finally ended up marrying the man just after Hurricane Katrina wiped out his home in Mississippi and storm energy was a huge part of our on again, off again, back and forth marriage which ended in my second divorce earlier this year.

Let me tell you a little secret… for the last seven years, as I have traveled this often circuitous, always interesting and expanding journey, I have created quite a bit of DEBT for myself.   Now I realize that a big part of my healing journey has been coming into right relationship with myself.  Another big part has been coming into right relationship with money.  In my younger years because of a very early in my 20’s bad experience with credit, I was petrified to be in debt, every month I’d pay all my bills in full.  Blessedly that created a credit history that has allowed me the luxury of funding my mid life transition – thank you GOD for MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover and for good FICO scores.  Credit cards along with my life savings, and home equity permitted me the time and the space to make all these profound changes and to become the person that I am today. Debt has allowed me to leverage my talents and skills and has been what I call the “grappling hook” that helped me climb up the mountain of success!

Along the way I’ve been on a course of learning to do a LOT of things for myself.  I learned how to create websites, I learned how to make info pages, I learned how to blog, tweet, fb, ning, gather, plaxo, link in and gaia.  I learned how to paint, to make jewelry, to be a retailer, and a civic activist.   I learned how to write and publish my own books, I learned how to record a cd (an award winning one at that!) cdcover_200pixelplaying instruments that I taught myself how to use.  I learned how to speak, record, edit audio, create video, edit video, create slideshows, create, host, and disseminate teleclasses and workshops, be on the radio, be on TV and more.  I learned how to connect with and communicate with thousands of people.  I’ve had the privilege of working with clients from all over the globe.  People who have a serious and vested interest in changing themselves, in overcoming their own personal barriers to health and well being and who have committed (as I have) time, energy, money and attention to their own deep processes of healing and transmutation.   In fact I think I’ve done more in the last 7 years of my life than most 20-Amethyst-003 (3)people do in SEVERAL lifetimes!

Now the time has come for me to take all this learning, all this experience, all this growth and to apply all the teachings that I have learned, speak about, and passionately believe in to actively enter into the process of allowing myself to receive – opening to and allowing the Universe to bring forth to me the validation for answering the call over and over again of my soul to prepare for the GREAT WORK that I know I am here to do – more importantly for the GREAT WORK that I know I am here to facilitate for the incredible clients that I can see will be profoundly impactful change agents for the world we are living in and for the one we are creating for our children and our children’s children.

I am ready now to stop Doing Every Blessed Thing (D.E.B.T.) that I can do and I’m complete with going any further into financial debt.  All that I need is within me or accessible to me through my deep and present connection to the Universal matrix and now it’s time for me to be.  To be in a receptive, open, attractive and deeply feminine state of being.  To be connected with the resources and colleagues that will make the work available in the most impactful, leveraged and efficient way possible to the most people.  To be financially free and flowing with sufficient income to serve my clients, myself and my world.

I am declaring for myself, right now that it is time – I am ready as Jerry McGuire would say for Spirit to Show me the Money!  I’ve been praying about this over the last few days as once again an opportunity is before me to invest some more $ in another very interesting and what I’m quite sure will be IMPACTFUL program.  The truth in this moment is that in order to do this I would have to add to my debt some more.  As I’ve been praying the message that came forth at the beginning was “If you want to get out of debt, stop going further in!”  Made sense to me, however I asked for even more signs that the outflow was going to shift and become more of a consistent and regular inflow as well as for a clear sign about this particular program offer that is on the table at the moment.

Numbers_2716 (8)

The glorious thing about living at this time and in this level of consciousness is that when I get really clear on what it is that I want – the Universe being so completely responsive almost instantaneously responded with not one but several signs right in a row – about my finances – on Saturday after I came in from some time spent outdoors raking and “talking” to my team I got ready to go out to see a play with my son.  As we were preparing to leave I happened to glance at the clock – it was 5:55 (5 means change – 3 in a row – BIG Change).  I had no $ in my wallet so I asked him if he had any in case we wanted snacks.  He said yes and when I asked him how much he had his answer:  “Three Fives” (not $15 bucks – but 3 $5’s).  Then I got into the car – and by now a few minutes had passed but when I turned over the ignition – what time was on the clock? That’s right 5:55.

So the story gets even better.  I took the boy out for a quick sushi dinner at a local Japanese restaurant that just opened in town 1000 Cranes.  We enjoyed a lovely meal prior to the show and then received our bill with the customary fortune cookies on top.  You are gonna LOVE this…… Would you like to know what my fortune was???  Here goes……

“A way out of a financial mess is discovered as if by magic!”001

Can we please say THANK YOU SPIRIT!! I hear you…loud and clear!  Oh and by the way – I wrote this on Monday night – at Barnes and Noble.  Got to the part where I wrote “Show Me the Money” and it was time to pack up and head home because they were closing…The song on the radio as I drove back home…  Have A Little Faith in Me!  Ok Team – I’m not giving up right before the miracle – as a wise older man said to me about a week ago – If you Give Up On Yourself – Everyone Else will give up on you too!

Is it time for you to make a shift in the finances in YOUR business too??  Well I’d be more than delighted to have you join me – starting on 11/11 – let’s walk through the 11:11 Gateway to financial freedom – Energize to Monetize begins at 11 AM! (Eastern Time)  The inner work that each of us moves through to shift our energy in relationship to the financial flow in our businesses will contribute greatly to the shifting of our global economy – as above so below – as within so without.  Each of us can make a contribution to the greater good through our own deep work!