DSC_0094_tSeems that we are in bit of a ‘lull’ energetically at the moment – after all the activity of this year including through the powerful September we just experienced it seems almost weird to not be feeling powerful impacting waves of energy pouring through and at us.

Enjoy this time – it’s IMPORTANT time – it’s like what happens after you come through a big destructive storm (and of course for those brothers and sisters in the Philippines and some other parts of the world they actually lived through that in the physical).  You come out of your house or shelter, look around, see what’s been ripped apart, determine what is left that is salvageable and begin picking through the pieces to re-create your world.  visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

This is the time that we are in right now – a time that feels like pregnant pause.  For many of us who are light workers the feeling may be one of almost complete disconnection from our source.  Everything that has “carried” us up to this point has suddenly taken a little vacation.  You know the Hopi saying – that we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for – well we are being asked to really get quiet now and take this sacred time to get intimately and closely connected with our OWN individual still small voice within.

Best way to do that?  Well if you are used to listening to your “upstairs team” and counting on that presence for your daily “guidance” then start listening even more closely to your very own HEART.  The Heart center is your DIRECT CONNECT with the highest aspects of who you are – you are now ready – if you choose – to embody those aspects right here and right now on this plane, in this body.  Many of you are I’m sure familiar with the practice of anchoring “Light Pillars” wherever you go – if not let me know and I’ll write more about that in another post.  Now you are asked to be a living, breathing, walking and ANCHORED light pillar yourself!  You have the capacity, and the ability to do this – using your impeccable intent.

Many of you may have thought you were headed in a specific direction, in fact you may have made quite a bit of progress along a particular path only to have a lot of what you had dreamed into being get deconstructed.  It’s time to slow down, in fact if you are familiar with another practice – “stopping the world” then please do so – stop, breathe, look around, see where you are, count your blessings, your assets, your gifts, your possessions, your relationships.  Take a personal inventory, decide what it is you’d like to do with what you have and begin to dream again.  Make those minor or perhaps major Course Corrections that your soul is calling for right now.

When we consciously choose to evaluate and actively choose our next best steps – with or without the assistance of our “upstairs team” we marshal incredible powers that are instantly at our disposal to be used to manifest our will and desires.  Co-creation is all about Partnering with the Forces of the Universe.  If you waste this time on uselessly pursuing the goals that the ego may be trying to convince you are most important then you will undoubtedly experience a major course correction that may not feel all to wonderful!  Better to exercise those consciousness muscles that we’ve been building for most of this decade and start going in, slowing down, dreaming deeply and intending a new reality co-created for ourselves, our brothers and sisters in light, our children, our children’s children.  The one’s that we are becoming are drawing our destiny from and through us if only we will stop and listen…..

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