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Hope you are enjoying the deliciousness of the unfolding autumn – it’s glorious here in NH at this time of year – everywhere you look is a radiant display of Mother Nature’s beauty pageant!!  We even had a few flakes falling this morning as I drove my “I overslept and missed the Bus MOM!” son to school….
Wanted to make sure that you were updated on the F*REE Calls, radio shows and events that are upcoming, including a just booked call with Rob Schultz the guy who taught me how to do the slideshows last spring – he’s doing a program to teach you how to Create Your Own Radio Show and I’m hosting him at the end of October to share the program details with you – I’m signing up and would love to have you join me if the idea of having your own show is nibbling at you….!  Anyway here’s the sched:

October 21 1:00 PM ET – Radio Show with Lynn Serafinn Garden of the Soul

October 22 8 PM ET -One of my clients Nancy Knettell is hosting a free preview call for her new program which was developed during her work with me this summer!  I’m really excited for her and her progress of moving through energetic blocks to jump in to the deep end and launch this powerful program which asks the question “Why Not Make Millions?” (don’t you just love that attitude?)  Here is the link for that call – (I won’t be attending as I’ll be in San Diego at a biz event myself!)
October 27 – 7 PM ET – I’m hosting Rob Schultz for a free call that is JUST for people in my circle of friends/fans/followers!
October 29 – a 2 Call Day!!
at 10:30 AM Join me on Tracey Tarrent’s Radio Show Coffee With Tracey
at 8 PM – I’m on the Free Spiritual Business Training Teleseminar Series with visionary business coach the Purposeful Entreprenueur Marcia Bench the Creatrix of the EVOLVE Live Event which I’ll be speaking at in November in Phoenix.  Here’s the call link for that:
If you are peri, meno, or post pausal – or in a relationship with someone who is you might want to make sure to hop on board the HOT Menopause Summit 09
Fre*e calls start next Tuesday October 20 and run for 12 weeks – remember I’m on the docket for the 10th of November – 11/10/9 at 8:30 PM ET!
My friend Michelle Casto is hosting a SELFLOVE Fest Telesummit from 10/20 to 11/19 I wasn’t able to fit this into my sched but did offer a nice bonus for peeps who sign up for the Mp3 package!  Check it out…
It’s Maestro Month again too – check out the AWESOME line up of visionary spiritual teachers and guides on the journey pick 3 for free!!
Let’s not forget EVOLVE the Live Event is coming in November – you might want to check this out and register asap so you can make your flight plans and hotel arrangements!
Enjoy the rest of the month! Please let me know if you have enjoyed any (or all!) of these experiences!
Look for two programs of my own coming in November – sign up early – mention this blogpost and I’ll send you a special free bonus gift reserved for “readers” who make it all the way to the end of  the message!!
Energize to Monetize starts November 11 at 11 AM ET
Ok – That’s all she wrote!
Love and infinite blessings of light to you and yours,
Amethyst Wyldfyre
The Torch Of Transformation & Energy Mastery Coach
Psst….. It’s coming soon… The Energy Journey…. Watch for it!