Wow I was STUNNED yesterday morning!!! Had an awesome surprise in my email inbox $$$ from ITALY!! Archangel Sandelphon has found a new home and is enroute at this very moment to ROMA!! Whee!! I’m SO excited….

Archangel SandelphonSo this actually happened to be one of my own personal favorite paintings – Archangel Sandelphon is the angel of sound and music and has graced my healing room since I moved in to my present house.  This particular painting has certainly been INFUSED with sound and healing energies!!

One of the things that is so TOTALLY cool about the internet is that I have the excitement of sharing my love, art, works, words, music, and teachings with people from all over this beautiful planet!  My most recent clients have come from Denmark, South Africa and the other day I worked with not one but two! people from Australia.  Truly amazing!

I still have a number of original Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ascended Mothers and Faerie Vibrational Power Paintings for sale – each has been embedded with crystals and infused with Reiki & Shamballa energies and has been toned by the crystal singing bowls and all but for Azrael have received a breath of intent from me that they bring forth healing in to the world (Azrael = being the Angel of Death didn’t receive the breath because death is when we no longer have the breath so it seemed fitting).  The paintings can be viewed at my little online gallery –

Archival quality prints of my paintings as well as a few of my photos (still working on getting more of those up online) are available at

Bon Voyage Sandelphon!!! I’ll miss you but know that you will be ENERGIZING Italy soon!!!