1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThis week’s vibe report is in response to the Sweat lodge deaths in Arizona this past weekend.  Personally I do not watch the news however I’ve been asked by a number of people about my thoughts on the event and was requested to be on News For the Soul to comment about it the day that it happened – however I was out of the office and in sacred ceremony myself this past weekend as the news unfolded.

There is a lot to digest about this event – clearly we are being called to step in to mastery and impeccability with our energy work – it’s about holding things lightly and easily but also about taking the work seriously and especially about honoring the traditions of our ancestors – the ceremonial space was not set up in the traditional way from what I understand based upon the reports in so far and from medicine brothers whom I have consulted – the use of plastic tarps was not in the traditional design of course since plastic isn’t an indigenous natural material.  Whether or not the plastic has any direct correlation to the deaths and hospitalizations I don’t know since all the facts have not been discovered and disclosed yet.   Having never attended a sweat myself I really can not comment any further than that about the set up._46526504_jex_479567_de27-1

It is certainly not for me or anyone to judge what happened or to point fingers or lay blame –  I can speak only about my own beliefs and practices.   Clearly this is not what anyone would want to unfold in the creation of this sort of an event or experience.  I’m quite sure that Mr. Ray has been deeply impacted along with all who attended and especially those who lost loved ones.

Energy work is powerful and must be practiced with respect.  This is why I always open sacred space either verbally or with intent prior to engaging in medicine work and why I and many of my medicine brothers & sisters also spend time, significant amounts of money and personal time and energy on continuing to hone our own practice and spirit and to connect with and honor the medicine teachings, ceremony, rituals and soul family on a regular basis.

One of my first medicine teachers was a man who runs lodges all over the world and has walked the red road for a number of years – what he taught me was a vital lesson – and that is that there is no hierarchy among medicine people – we all have something to both teach and learn from one another.  He was also one of my very first “clients” (like maybe the 3rd or 4th client I ever had) – when I had no real idea or experience with what I was doing (from this lifetime anyway!)  and was just beginning my practice – he put his energy field and faith in SPIRIT working through me to help him to come back into balance with his path. As a result he taught me that I should honor my intuition as much as the teachings that I had received from my physical teachers and that I should trust that SPIRIT would work through my medicine as long as I honored my allies and walked in humility.

What happened in Arizona is going to put “the work” into the spotlight for sure and as a result will perhaps create more interest and desire to connect with spiritual practices & practitioners.  Discernment is very important for everyone to practice when it comes to making the choice about how to spend your money and your time when you are investing in your spiritual growth, soul healing and transformation.  Remember too that having credentials is not always the mark of a great practitioner – there are some incredible naturally ordained healers and healing professionals that I have worked with that haven’t taken one course of study and yet are intuitively gifted and spiritually guided in incredibly powerful ways.

It’s an opportunity to choose too -to put our work – our abilities back in to the closet because we are afraid of our power or the backlash that might be created from this event or to step forth and claim our power with humility and gratitude for the source from whence it comes.  Similar to what happened after 9/11 – we had to choose to get back on those airplanes – Mr. Ray will have to make his own choice about how best to respond to this experience as will we all – I can tell you that I don’t believe he had malicious intent when this event was created.  I can also tell you that people have a deep craving for spiritual food and they are demonstrating that they value these experiences by their willingness to substantially invest in themselves and their personal healing in this way.

One of the big taboos that is up for discussion, debate and hopefully reframing – is how do we appropriately value our spiritual teachers – in our “modern society” there is no model in place that would “provide” for our teachers/healers/medicine people/visionaries they way the sacred communities or tribes used to do.  In the old ways the shaman held a very high status and was completely and abundantly  provided for by the community – wholly (holy?) supported to do the sacred work for him or herself and on behalf of the whole tribe. Much to think about.

Join me please in sending healing light to the families of the deceased. A call too  for those who are skilled in assisting in the dying consciously process or death rites to assist those souls who have left the body to pass into the light as I will do in my meditations around what happened.  May those who have departed rest in peace.