iStock_000000684169XSmall So my commitment to create and post 30 posts in 30 days is complete!  What did I learn from this experience:

1)  Once again it would serve me well to contemplate for a bit before jumping in and saying yes.  Taking action is definitely something I’m all about – so I don’t really hesitate about taking leaps.  I guess more people struggle with this and so challenges like these are good to get people moving.  For me though it’s a wiser choice to stop, be still and get clear before jumping – Look before you leap…?

2) That I can’t compromise my writing – what it is I have to say – in favor of getting a “quickie” in that will fulfill some intention other than what’s in my heart – which is to share medicine, beauty, the expressions of my soul’s voice.

3) It can be overwhelming for people to continue to hear from the same source repeatedly in one day and ultimately probably not all that effective – after all I don’t know about you but my inbox is in a constant state of overflow. (this was the fall back position – multiple posts in a day – that was suggested if we couldn’t or chose not to engage on line every single day for 30 days – frankly I need a BREAK from the computer every now and then – don’t know about you but I have to go outside and connect with the Earth and with my family in order to maintain balance and be able to bring a fresh perspective back to my work)

4) I’m still looking for the value in the experience and it’s probably wise for me to be patient – I did discover that my blog is got 20% more hits during the challenged in relationship to total hits – however I’ve come to understand that this internet based biz thing is truly an organic process and that there are a multitude of factors seen and many times unseen that influence the shifting of energies and the ascension of the attractiveness quotient in the marketplace.

5) I’m curious about how you faithful fans/readers/followers and friends enjoyed (or didn’t) the experience.

Oh and by the way I also learned that it’s important not to squeeze myself too hard or beat myself up (once again) for not PERFECTLY (in whose opinion?) completing the challenge.  See I started this particular final #30 post on Friday- after having posted 4 in a row – and this – the LAST post of the challenge was intended to be added later in the day when I arrived at my hotel in Chatham NY – however – SPIRIT and my deep soul work took precedence as I headed out to work with my new found Irish Shaman friends and chose instead to rest and stay in sacred space – wholly (holy?) committing my time, energy and attention to the medicine work.  So – even though the 30 day deadline was Saturday for me – and I’m at this point (as “they” say) ‘a day late and a dollar short’ in terms of completing this according to the SCHEDULE – my personal commitment to self healing and to acquiring more amazing tools in my tool box to help and to serve those who are called to work on their own personal transformation through my work was the HIGHER commitment that called to be honored.  Sometimes you can fulfill more than one commitment simultaneously – other times you have to make a choice and be in a state of acceptance about that – gracefully acknowledging that ability that we are gifted with by Great Spirit – that free will – to choose for ourselves our most desired experience of creation in each moment.

If you decide to keep on following the unfolding story – you’ll find some powerful messages coming up soon that share the deep ancestral healing that I was able to receive in ceremony with my Tuatha de Dannan this weekend (generously sprinkled with LOTS of Faerie Dust!)

By the way – please don’t forget that EVERYBODY CHANNELS & U CAN 2!  The free call is tomorrow!  2:30 PM Eastern Time…. Would love to have you join in for the experience and the energy shifting that is sure to unfold!  Here’s a LINK to register… Happy Monday – Happy Columbus Day and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!