I did!!
My entire CD – Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was completely channeled – in the moment in the studio!  In fact – I had never before in my life been in a recording studio – I didn’t have the 1st CLUE about how this was going to happen – I only knew 1 thing – that I was being guided to make a CD – and guess what – I did – and easily.  Not only that – but my cd was selected this year at the International New Age Trade Show (THE industry trade show) in Denver by the Coalition of Visionary Resources – as a finalist in the Innerspace/Healing/Meditational category – right behind the tied for first place winners – Jonathon Goldman a sound healing pioneer who’s been in the business for 30 years and keyboardist and composer Richard Schulman who’s got more than 30 years in the music biz and has recorded 23 albums.  Imagine that!!??!! My first jump into recording – completely untrained – totally flowing with my intuition – and letting the SPIRIT guide me and more importantly COME THROUGH MY CHANNEL!! If you think about it it’s pretty darn miraculous – I love how Spirit works – and I really LOVE the Magic that happens when you just get yourself out of the way and clear that channel for DIVINE Inspiration to flow through it!  The way I look at it is – this isn’t my album – this is SPIRIT’s album – co-created – through me.  My only “work” is to keep my channel CLEAR and OPEN!  Spirit does all the rest – even provides you with the cover photography for FREE!! (that’s another story for another post though!)

So if you are excited about the possibilities of getting your OWN channel OPEN, CLEAR and ENERGIZED so that you can create the business or products of YOUR dreams – I have a little workshop planned that’s going to be starting in November – Opening to Channel to Energize Your Business .  Now I can’t promise that you’ll be an award winner – but what I can promise is that you’ll be able to RELAX into your life when you surrender up all that nose to the grindstone hard work and suffering that’s not really getting you anywhere and you open yourself to the assistance that is READILY available to you if only you are willing to OPEN YOUR CHANNEL!

Check out the workshop – here’s the LINK again and see if it resonates for you!

If you like you could also sign up for the FREE call I’m doing to promote the workshop that’s happening next Tuesday at 2:30 PM ET – Everybody Channels and U Can 2! Hope to connect with you on the call – I’m sure if this is for you YOU WILL KNOW IT and I trust that we will connect with each other EXACTLY ON TIME!

Oh and by the way – my AWARD WINNING CD is available for sale right HERE! and if you’d prefer to get it through Amazon you can do that right HERE!  Prefer a downloadable MP3 from ITUNES? – Gotcha covered – that’s right HERE (you can even just download individual tracks that might appeal to you…. How cool is that?!)

I’m “hearing” from the “upstairs business success team” that it’s about time to go back into the studio again – can’t wait to see what comes through THIS Time!