Final Blossoming 002


I wanted to share the magnificence of my majestically beautiful rose bush – the name of it is Simplicity and I’ve taken some phenomenal shots of it all summer long – it has blossomed over and over again – I think this is the final blossoming because it’s getting pretty chilly here – I just LOVE the water droplets don’t you??  Final Blossoming 012

Oh and I don’t know how many of you know that NASA bombed the Moon today – looking for water – spent $79 million to do it and found zippo.  I don’t know about you but I sure think we could find something on our HOME planet to do with that $79 million to preserve and protect the precious water resources we have RIGHT HERE!  (You know I have to admit I’m kind of curious too about whether any of the other citizens of the planet were consulted about how they felt about bombing the moon – I know I wasn’t and frankly I don’t really think it’s a very bright idea – maybe that explains why they were doing it to the “Dark Side of the Moon”  – lots of shadow work to contemplate with this I feel…)

Final Blossoming 007


I’m outta here for the weekend – am going to be going to NY for a visit with 2 shaman from Ireland and spend time in sacred space – contemplating the big questions – and consciously creating a grounded, present, and purposeful experience for myself!  Will let you know what emerges – next week!

Love and many blessings,