338056037_c39e23407dThree weeks in to the school year and I’m still challenged with adjusting my being to the new early morning routine.  I have spent the last 7 years working with finding, acknowledging, connecting with and relaxing into my own personal natural rhythms and cycles and I’ve discovered that clock time and natural time are not necessarily synchronized to bring out the best in me!

We all know that there are people who are Early Birds and others who are Night Owls. When you step into re-claiming your natural rhythm you’ll discover that you can optimize your time rather then spending a lot of energy fighting with nature!

One of the interesting things I’ve noted is that we have created a collective reality that depends on ALARMS to assist us in “conforming” to that reality.  Literally we must be SHOCKED into waking up and getting in step with the “norm” and it starts with that first big yellow bus in 1st grade.  Then off to the often red brick building (that vaguely resembles the old factories and mills) for a day of education – into the system – a system that is dying in most areas if it’s not already dead (how many factory workers do you know? In my town most of the mill buildings are now either high tech offices or artists studios).  Once in the building the day is segmented and regimented by the bell.  And how much creativity do you think is being nurtured in this kind of an environment?

Many of my clients are working with unwinding these very “programs” that have stifled and silenced them and are opening up to the joys and wonders of that lost inner child – the one that is intuitive, connected to nature, naturally and easily creative and expressive.  Of course there are a LOT of wounds that must be healed in order for that child to be willing to come out and “play”.  Wounds like “you should be seen and not heard” or “you must conform to the dress code and no you can’t wear red” or “if you are loud, boisterous, exhuberant and have high energy you’ll be beaten (or nowadays they just give these young people a little pill to keep them in line – scary when you think about it)”.

If you are ready to break through the blocks that have been programed in to your psyche help is HERE!  Please connect with me and investigate for yourself the benefits of stepping out of the collective story and connecting with your soul’s yearning to express it’s individuality and divine purpose!  Invest in your own transformation and remember there’s no place like H.O.M.E. (Heaven On Mother Earth).  Isn’t it time for you to reclaim the dreams you were born with.  The new world paradigm is going to be CREATED – wouldn’t  you like to contribute your unique gifts to the Creation???

If you are hearing the call to create your own business, to express your unique gifts and brilliance, to claim your place as a cultural creative, to take your passion and your business to the next level then I invite you to join me in November at EVOLVE! The Experience.  I’ll be sharing the platform with some of the most successful and spiritual Passionpreneurs out there in service to the evolution of our world.  Just being in this sacred space will surely SHIFT your energy!  And just imagine all the new playmates you’ll discover – people who share the same desires to be, to express, to serve.  Won’t you join us??

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