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October has arrived, crispy clear days, cool nights, majestic and magical colors – New England in the Autumn is not to be missed.  On the misty rainy days we light up the fireplaces and the air smells of damp leaves and woodsmoke, hot cider and maybe an apple pie baking in the oven or a nice pot of soup bubbling on the back burner.  There’s something about October that is intimately connected with food – of course it’s the final harvest season and all those fruits of the fields are being brought in to nourish us through the winter.  What is your SPIRITUAL Harvest looking like right now?  Have you taken the time to look at the garden of your soul, and to look at all that has come to fruition for you this year?  It’s also that time to turn inward & to shed  – the days are shorter, the leaves are falling and they are forming the mulch that will fertilize and feed the seeds you plant now that will flower in the spring.  Call upon Mother Serpent to help you to release any remnants that may be left after the powerful Mercury Retrograde we just experienced.  Connect with and Celebrate the Earth and all her bounty, spend time in Nature and give some Gratitude to that  deep Well of Abundance and Creativity that is always there for you!

October Offerings:

Free Call 10/13/09

Are You Ready to Reclaim your Creative Capacities?  Did you Know that you are a CHANNEL for the Creative Flow of the Universe? Ideas and Inspiration comes from SPIRIT but it is YOU who are the one that needs to take action here and now in order to Manifest those ideas!  If you are a Passionpreneur – you can gain a real edge in the flow and operations of your business when your channel is opened and free!  You can channel all kinds of information to create products, services, information pages and to advise and work with your clients. Check out my free call on October 13 – “Everybody Channels and U Can 2!” Register HERE

Free Call 10/20/09

When you step into your calling you create an energy field in the form of your business that will reflect back to you all those areas where you may be carrying energetic wounds or short circuits in your field – and being that it’s business one of the primary areas where energy imbalances can reflect is in your income/cash flow/financial health.  This can be easily remedied with some powerful energy shifting work that will strengthen your feelings of safety, security and will put a FIRM energetic foundation under your Passionate Business – so that you are free to FLOW and to serve in the way you were meant to!  On October 20 I’m offering another free call “Shift Your Energy to Ramp Up Your Business”  Details to Register can be found HERE

I look forward to sharing with you this Harvest Season!  May yours be bountiful beyond measure….

Peace and infinite blessings,