Ok — I have a big confession to make – I am a CLOSET HOARDER.

That’s right – I hoard – not a lot of things – only specific things that I really want to make sure I have on hand when the desire strikes.

Over the last two months I’ve been on a massive massive PURGE of all my stuff.  I went through the whole house from top to bottom and got rid of a whole bunch!

Let me tell you what I hoard –

Freeze2000 Hairspray – They stopped making this hairspray back in 1999.  I still have more than a dozen bottles of the stuff in my bathroom closet – it’s the ONLY hairspray I’ve ever found that I like and that works for me.  Unless the house burns down (which I’m DEFINITELY NOT INVITING) I’ll probably still have a bottle or two left well into my 60’s!

I wonder sometimes about this – is it strange to be hoarding hairspray?

Is there something (or maybe more than one thing) that you are HOARDING?

I’ve noticed in my medicine work with some of my clients that the “scarcity” mentality is really deeply rooted – in fact when working with one of my clients Nancy Knettell  – we were working on an issue and this whole scarcity piece came up and we tracked it all the way back to the time of the cave dwellers.

Nancy, who’s now gone on to create a magical and magnificent program (Why Not Make Millions? – she’s got a preview call on Oct 22 you might want to check out!) did some very powerful generational energy shifting in our work together and the unwinding of this deeply (and I mean how far back can you go?) embedded into the DNA “scarcity” programming in her soul matrix has really made a huge huge difference for her in her sense of her capacity to really truly dream her life into being in the most powerful and impactful of  ways.  What’s even more beautiful is she is going to now take her restored empowerment and use it to help even more people to step into their own – how cool is that?  I love it when you see the “pebble in the pond” effect that the medicine work has!  Here’s a link to a video Nancy made for me sharing a bit more about her shifts:


Let me know about your hoard – if you have one – please leave a comment – it will be fun to see what we all have chosen to hoard and maybe even more interesting to see the motivation behind it (for me – I guess it’s a beauty thing – I can’t help it – I really enjoy beauty – it feeds the soul – and like anyone else when I feel like I look beautiful then my light shines even more brightly – and I have hair that can be VERY uncooperative – although I’m incredibly thankful that I do have hair – there are some who are not so lucky!)