What a WOWZA of a Retrograde experience this last month was – a real doozy – and the focus this time was TOTALLY on the physical.  We had the chance to come FACE TO FACE with all the remnants that needed to be cleared prior to stepping in with full power and full integrity to our roles as conscious co-creators!  Woo HOO!visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

There is a lot for those of us who have been holding the light and transmuting the density to celebrate and be grateful for now.  The whole point of the ascension process is to bring these magical, magnificent and majestic HIGH FREQUENCIES down to Earth.  As we stand in our light and begin to radiate – we are literally Irradiating all the density – giving a RADIATION treatment to those old stuck dense unhealthy and divisive patterns, beliefs, and experiences that are ready to be gone now.

The month of September was just so incredibly powerful – starting with the 9/4 full moon, then right into Retro on the 7th , moving through the 9 9 9 Gateway, then the powerful new moon immediately followed by the Autumnal Equinox – there were a multitude of forces at play to fully cleanse and release and to let go of and GIVE UP or surrender to the grander design that is unfolding within each of us.

There is an even more urgent and pressing CALLING FORTH of our greatness now – anything, anything at all that would stand in the way of that glorious greatness, that majestic and radiant light beaming forth has GOT to GO!!  at the exact same time that our highest light is being called forth we are also being asked to LOOK REALLY DEEPLY into the darkness. Shadow work is WAY WAY UP!

If you can’t look at what’s in the shadow in all it’s density you will be placed into a position where you will have absolutely NO choice.  The SOUL cleanse is happening NOW with or without your egoic consent.  What this means is that you have to choose and quickly – whether you are willing to SURRENDER every single thing – every single behavior, thought, pattern and experience that is in any way blocking the fullest flowing forth of your unlimited potential.

This shadow work is manifesting most intently in a number of different ways in the 3D – between the Swine Flu, the Economic Winter, the planned bombing of the Moon, planetary cleansing via tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons and so forth it’s clear that there is some deep stuff that we are collectively being called to face and transmute – individually we of course have our own inner work and it’s reflected in our outer world – so where ever you find yourself – be mindful that you are also doing world work – is there a flu in you? How is it connected with your ability to be centered, grounded, out in the world with others, or is it connected in some way with your denial of your own greatness?

Entering into a DIALOG with your physical body and with the physical body of our Earth Mother are powerful tools to assist you as we prepare to move into the 6th night – very soon – being equipped with the tools to navigate these times and remembering your true SOURCE will be of utmost importance.  If you would like some assistance in navigation – please remember I am here to serve you!