So hopefully you’ve been following the blog – I’ve posted 3 Times in a row and something interesting is available for you to consider if you go back to the first post entitled A Contest!  There you’ll find an opportunity for you to PLAY with me.


Today I was invited to enter into this contest and I was “guided” that I needed to take IMPERFECT ACTION and jump on it right away – not only that but my “upstairs business success team” wanted me to work with the magical number 3 and enter myself into the contest with 3 submissions  – even though only one was requested – (Did you know that three is a VERY STRONG geometric? Triangles are 3 sided and engineers design bridges that use TRIANGLES in their construction because of the inherent strength of the shape! – Plus if you think about it lots of good things come in threes – Mother, Father, Child – Body, Mind, Spirit – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – trinities are really wonderful FOUNDATIONS!)
Kevin Nations is running the contest – and he’s picking …….. 3 ……. lucky winners – to have a full day of private coaching for their business with him (a $20,000 value) -for Fu REE!!!

If you are a Passionpreneur (or even just thinking about jumping in to starting yourbeeonflower1.jpg own passionate purpose driven business) – You can be a winner too – go back to that first post – A Contest – read it carefully – follow the instructions if you feel like it would be for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned and then just do it!  You might be the lucky winner yourself of a BEE (Business Energy Evaluation) with me!!

Here’s the third video I was talking about in the first post…..