So I just posted about the contest that I’m entering for a day long session of coaching with Kevin Nations – I’m going to ask you to work a little bit now – so make sure you go back and read the FIRST post in this series entitled A CONTEST! – There you’ll discover that I’m offering a FREE BEE (Business Energy Evaluation) to some beeonflower1.jpglucky Passionpreneur – what you need to do in order to enter into this contest is go back – check out that post – follow the instructions there and then come back here and do the same thing….
It’s like a little treasure hunt – If you don’t check out Step 1 (which is the post titled A Contest) then you might miss what this is all about – but don’t worry I’m making it pretty easy for you – because hey we all LOVE to be winners and I want to help in every way I can to see to it that you step in to the Winner’s Circle too!

There’s a little video below here that you’ll need to check out too so please follow the “guidance” and get yourself in for a chance at a FREE BEE!