Well it’s so interesting – I’ve been running a PEA contest all summer and now I’ve been given an opportunity to enter into a contest myself!
The PEA – (Personal Energy Assessment) was my version of the “strategy session” strategy that I learned at Monetize Your Mission this spring in Las Vegas.
I gave away a PEA a week – until the last week of Summer when I gave away 7 – istock_000003631521xsmall.jpgincluding one to a winner in South Australia (Imagine That!)  Monetize Your Mission was an event that was hosted by Kevin Nations and Lisa Sasevich – where I learned a LOT and met some really great Passionpreneurs – and now 6 months later I’m reconnecting with both Lisa and Kevin once again – I’m in Lisa’s 6 Figure Teleseminars class and am about to go at the end of October out to San Diego to mix and mingle with my classmates and to get even more in depth knowledge about how to take my business to the next level from Lisa.  I’ve come to understand that monetizing my mission is a win win win for everyone – as both I and my business prosper I can turn that around into investing even more of my energy into bringing the medicine work to even more people in an ever widening circle of goodness!

Now about the contest – Kevin Nations who is the dreamer of the Big Ticket Blueprint and has helped hundreds of people take their passionate business to new heights of prosperity and abundance is running a contest and giving away for FREE that’s right FuuREEEE a full day of indepth intense coaching to only 3 lucky peeps who have already had a taste of the work that he has to offer.  Today he announced the contest at 2:01 pm – and asked for video submissions to be posted on You Tube.  I “got” guidance to jump on this one RIGHT AWAY because Kevin has stated more than once that he is an admirer of folks who are able to take action – in fact that was the motto for our group in Vegas – IMPERFECT Action – we even had a little signal for it that the group came up with.   So I took action and I’d love to ask YOU to take some action too!!

If you are a Passionpreneur and you have been following my work, enjoying my posts, or have participated in any way in any of my free teleclasses or paid workshops and you are willing to check out this video (and the next two that I’m going to post) and give me feedback through leaving a COMMENT on each blogpost along with your email contact information I’ll enter YOU into a contest to win a beeonflower1.jpgFREE BEE with me!  That’s right! You’ll have the opportunity to win yourself a FREEBEE (Ha Ha) a Free Business Energy Evaluation because it’s all about Energy – your energy and the energy of your business and I’d love the chance to help you to SHIFT your Energy so that you can Ramp Up YOUR Passionate business too –  I’m helping you to help me to help Kevin to choose a contest WINNER!! So check out this video – and the next two – leave a comment on each post – include your contact info and let’s see what emerges for all of us!  Here’s Video #1:

Thanks for your support!