Meet Kathy Williams – owner of Sullivan Farms – who graciously granted me permission to film in her orchard.  Now this is a woman who is ROOTED – she used that word all by her self!  How rooted are you?  You know it’s ok to move around – but you should always make sure that your energetic roots are connected to Mother Earth.

One of the pieces of medicine I’ve done with people in the last week has been working with past lives within which several of my clients were burned at the stake and when I examined their etheric body blueprint the feet were shriveled.  Masters and angelic beings came forth to assist my clients in re-wiring and re-forming a new blueprint for their feet – and then we worked on connecting them energetically to the earth.

I’ve found that it’s really important to unwind generational and cultural patterns that are connected with specific pieces of property or with “homelands” for some of my foreign born US clients.   Following this unwinding the guidance has been to ROOT to the heart core of the Earth herself.  This is very wise guidance – that way you will always feel grounded and stable no matter where you are on the planet!

Shamanic medicine work is such an amazing gift – I’m honored to be a part of the lineage of healers and to carry the seeds of light that the ancestors, teachers, and medicine people have stewarded through time.   I use shamanic as well as sound therapy techniques with my clients and in all my classes and workshops – I’ll be doing a free call Everybody Channels and You Can 2! in October – register soon – the last time I ran this call I maxed out the phone lines!!