Did you think I wasn’t going to have an apple?? Well after all that filming it was time to have a taste!! I would like to remind you too – when you put your time, energy, love, intention, and effort into planting seeds, watching them grow, weeding out what doesn’t serve, pruning the dead wood and finally picking the fruits of the harvest – it’s important – vital in fact that you take the time to celebrate all that you have invested by remembering to FEED yourself from those fruits – it keeps the energy cycle in proper alignment – If you don’t properly take care of yourself then what was the whole point of the endeavor?  Sometimes we get so caught up in the “Doing” that we forget what we are doing it all for!  (When my boy was little I’d get caught up sometimes like that – ok maybe a lot more than sometimes – and he’d look at me with those beautiful blue eyes and just want to spend some quality time snuggling – I’d take a deep breath and say – I’m sorry buddy – Mama got caught by the Do Monster again!)

Have you been caught by the DO monster??  Perhaps its time to shift your energy and give your self the gift of BEING.  Let me know if I can help.   In order to keep the Do Monster from catching me I like to be mindful of my scheduling.

beeonflower1.jpgThis fall I’m offering a BEE a week  – a Business Energy Evaluation – for FREE to one lucky winner!  If you are a Passionpreneur and find your self caught by that Do Monster who’s squeezing the passion out of you and your business we can find ways to extract that monster from your field and restore you to balance and buoyancy!   Contact me by Email if you would like to be considered at amethyst@theenergyjourney.com

Coming soon……. The Energy Journey – are you ready to embark on the journey to your divine destiny?