During Mercury Retrograde energies are very supportive for doing anything that begins with the letters re!  Releasing that all that no longer serves us is one of the biggies – along with reorganizing and rearranging.  I have been on a tear over the last few weeks relentlessly (there’s another re for you) going through my whole house with a very cold clear intention to only keep that which is truly meaningful to me now.

New View 009

This of course has resulted in quite a number of bags to go off to the Salvation Army, the soup kitchen and various other places where the items I’m letting go of will be of service to others.  I’ve cleared an amazing amount of space and and most excited right now about the changes I’ve made in my office.  In a previous post I wrote about clearing from my physical body I mentioned how my lower back and bottom were being impacted by the energy shifting that was being called forth for me now.  I also realized that as I’ve shifted my business I’ve changed what I’m doing during the course of the day and am spending quite a bit more time sitting at the computer.

 New View 010

During the deepest moments of my discomfort I sent a message to my upstairs team asking for relief and what I was shown was reconfiguring my workspace so that I could have a number of choices about how and where I would be working.  Specifically I was shown a tall table that I could comfortably stand at while computing in addition to a low table where I could compute sitting on the floor.  Happily I was able to find the tall table fairly inexpensively and discovered the low table was already in my possession in the basement!

 The Lower World Desk

These are some pictures of my new workspace!  I’m sure I will have much more joy and much less physical discomfort by being able to move around and work where I feel most comfortable in any particular moment.  I recommend that you too take a look at your comfort level.  If you are in discomfort that energy will permeate everything you do.  As a Passionpreneur, aligning with your joy and allowing it to be easy is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself, your clients, your family, and your world.  Even Staples is connected to this vibe with their EASY button.  If Staples can “get it” surely you can too! 

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