1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThis particular Mercury Retrograde commenced with a HUGE rush of energy – the full moon first and then 2 days in the 9 9 9 Gateway – a massive surge asking us to COMPLETE COMPLETE COMPLETE.  Have you been feeling it?  There is a deep clearing in the air – a deep and intense calling to let it go – let it ALL go – every little bit that doesn’t serve – every little thought – every old dangly hanging on pattern of behavior – all that we have been “working” consciously, unconsciously and superconsciously is UP for us to face and decide.

For me this has manifested in a Highly PHYSICAL experience- both in my immediate surrounding and simultaneously through my physical body and more specifically through my root chakra.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with Sarah Elizabeth Whitcomb, my craniosacral energy medicine massage therapist extraordinaire, and we’ve been going to the DEPTHS!  We have now down three marathon sessions together – working with each other – both giving and receiving and it has been a truly illuminating as well as liberating experience.samshands

So I want to talk a bit about the physical body and my own experience with this deep cleanse – for about 3 1/2 weeks I have been experiencing pain and great discomfort in my body – and more specifically my lower back, hips and derriere have been what I would characterize as “a mess”!  What I know from having traveled this energy journey for a bit is that what shows up in our physical body is pretty entrenched energy.  I do my very best to keep my work at the energetic – and this is what I’ve also been trained by my own teachers – keeping it at the energetic will allow us to continue to navigate in our day to day world with greater ease and grace – however – sometimes – as has happened in the last few weeks – stuff just pops up into the physical.

Popping into the physical is a huge sign for me of a couple of things – first – I have lost consciousness – awareness of where I’m at energetically allows me to “catch” things and clear them at the energetic before they manifest in the physical.  Secondly – that whatever is UP is really big, really deep, really ancient and/or really close to home.  This time it was all of the above.

Now I could have chosen to energize this back pain in a different way – I could have chosen to take drugs or go to the doctor, to call myself sick – but I KNOW that this is just energy – energy that is calling for my attention, and energy that is popping to the surface for me to work with it, release it and free myself and my energy field from being trapped in the density.  At one point the pain and the discomfort was SO great that I was experiencing back spasms and didn’t know whether I’d be able to get out of bed and walk.

Thank GOD for Sarah Elizabeth and her deep body wisdom (and for me too because I am WILLING to go THERE).  We have transmuted density in Ancient Egypt in the Pyramids, in The British Isles around the Templar/Knights mythologies and in a multitude of past life conflicts and war casualty experiences  as well as conflicting familial issues in both of our own personal present incarnation.   Twice we’ve cleared out implants and we’ve also worked with the sacred oils of the Bible in addition to sound, divination, hands on and talking therapy.  The energy has been running around both of our lower bodies – last week my right side – this week my left – and both of us have “birthed” out huge amorphous gelatinous intrusions in our Sacral/Root areas as well.  It’s been mighty interesting to say the least!

Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox – and so a balancing is at hand – a time of equivalencies – equal daylight/nighttime – Yin/Yang – Masculine/Feminine.  If you’ve been experiencing shifts of equivalent magnitude I am here to validate that for you (and of course if you are hearing the call to work with me in helping you to transmute).  One thing I’ve really learned at a very deep level from the work that we’ve been engaged in is this – I am OVERFLOWING with gratitude that Sarah-Elizabeth has been there to partner me through this work.  Sometimes you can do it yourself – but when it comes to the HEAVY lifting – it’s really best to find a fully capable, trained, confident and expert PARTNER!

I invite you to consider where in your life you could use a real partner – if it’s in your energy journey – I hope you will consider partnering with me!  Be sure to visit my website – there is a lot of re-arranging that is going on over there as well – including a new sound therapy session link – you might want to hook yourself up with a STAR Treatment!

beeonflower1 Are You a Passionpreneur?  Deeply committed to your soul’s purpose and expressing it through entrepreneurial activities?  Remember your business is an energetic extension of YOU and as such issues that may be present in your energy field will often and very likely show up in your business – staring you in the face and asking for resolution.  Even if you aren’t actively engaged in your soul purpose as a business activity yet – if you are hearing that calling it’s a great time to begin to CONSCIOUSLY engage in the Energy Journey work that will aid you in becoming a clearer channel for your soul’s purpose to emanate through.  Why not consider scheduling a BEE for yourself – a Business Energy Evaluation Strategy Session will help you to gain a better perspective on where you are at, what obstacles you may be facing, what your strengths are and will lay out a map to get you to where you are dreaming you’d like to be in your business and in living out your soul’s purpose and deep mission.  BEE appointment slots are available on Wednesday afternoons starting September 30.  Please send me an email to amethyst@theenergyjourney.com outlining where you feel you are at in your business and where you think you see that the journey is taking you along with your phone number and if I determine that a BEE is the right fit for you I’ll be in touch to schedule some time together!