If you missed the live version – or maybe didn’t catch all of the calls during the Next Wave Telesummit that was held a little more than a week ago – all is well!

Mp3 recordings of the Summit are now available – It was an AWESOME Experience – In fact more than 600 people clicked through to sign up for the live event on my recommendation alone – and more than 1000 people in all were present through out the three day extravaganza which was PACKED PACKED PACKED with valuable information and energy & awareness shifting experiences.

Here is a LINK for you to access the Mp3’s of the whole thing at a bargain basement price – imagine more than 24 hours of incredible insights, exceptional education and valuable vision from some TOP NOTCH teachers, leaders, authors and coaches.  The Next Wave Telesummit for Women – Manifesting in the Fourth Dimension can experienced by you now anytime you like – tune in, turn on and take off!

Here’s that LINK again in case you missed it – oh and by the way Heather Picken – The Spirit Trainer who was the organizational genius who pulled this all together has shared with me that she’s also going to be creating a CD version so if you are a little “old fashioned” and would prefer to listen on CD I’ll be sending out another notification when that’s ready!