Yesterday’s post got some responses from several different directions and certainly stirred up some interesting feelings from those making comments – so today I wanted to talk about the difference between setting goals with clarity of intention vs. setting goals (and then Making Deals…) and what happens to your energy when you do that.DSCN5681

We all set goals for ourselves – both large and small, whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more, be more disciplined in our work, or to make millions, impact hundreds of thousands, change the world in a positive way, goals are often the impetus for our forward movement along our personal journey.  The questions that come up are :  Who’s goals are they?  How did they arrive in our consciousness? Why did we choose to pursue this over that? Why are we setting or striving towards this particular goal at this particular time?

When we start asking ourselves some of these magical questions of course others begin to emerge as well:  Are we making progress towards what we say our goals are? Are our actions in alignment with our intentions? Are these even the right goals for us?  Have we actually achieved the initial goal and failed to recognize it?  Is it time for a new goal?  Is it time to let an old goal go unmet?  What was our level of consciousness at the time we made the original goal?  Are we still in that same space or have we shifted so dramatically that we are energizing a goal that now is not at all related to what we REALLY want to be doing?  Are we compromising with this goal? Is it really too small  for us?  Are we bringing the fullness of ourselves to it?  If not, why not? What is blocking us?  Are we really passionate still about the goal and just completely stuck and not moving forward for reasons we can’t even begin to figure out?

Lots and lots of magical questions arise each one leading to another – and each truly important to ask ourselves because let’s face it – only we have the ability to choose and determine for ourselves how we are going to apply, spend, or invest our life force energy!  Here are a couple more good ones:  Does this goal make me feel ENERGIZED or BOUND?  Am I feeling JUICY about pursuing it – excited enough that I can keep this end vision in sight even if I’m having a day (or two or three weeks, months, years) of challenging experiences (otherwise known as learning opportunities!)

Questioning ourselves can lead us to greater clarity – with greater clarity we are able to see ourselves for who we really are and determine for ourselves what it is we really want.  In shamanic terms taking the time to do this work is called “stopping the world” – we step outside of time and outside of our personal story.  When we do this we might be surprised by what we discover – if the goal is REALLY TRULY YOURS – if it comes from that Highest Place – the deep soul level of your being – when the dust has settled it will still be there – maybe even more shiny and enticing than it was before once all the cobwebs of the mind have been removed and it’s been more fully exposed.  kevinrosseel_26ABC

So what do you think happens to your energy when you set a goal (and then make a deal) – well of course you are conflicted on every single level – you have sent out a vibration to the Universe and then you’ve reeled it back in again – you’ve set yourself up for being unable to really be effective in reaching the goal and often you’ll end up in many acts both large and small of self-sabotage – leading to even further energy leakage and the accumulation of more dense energies in the form of guilt, self betrayal, lack of trust in yourself and more.  Eventually you get exhausted and either want to give up completely or end up unwell.   I’ll write some more tomorrow on how to disengage cleanly from goals that have been set or agreements made on autopilot and without full consciousness!

Sometimes we are served by having a guide to assist us on our journey – the journey of unblocking, clarifying, focusing or concentrating our energy body to be in alignment with what our true heart desires.  A navigator who can bring an objective light into the recesses of your soul can really serve to smooth out the bumps in the journey and expose the dead ends that will get you nowhere fast or have you going around in circles.

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