Recently I’ve engaged in a “challenge” 30 blog posts in 30 days.  Sometimes we say yes and only afterward realize what we have committed ourselves to.  As an Energy Master I have a duty to myself to be clear and focused on what it is that I choose to do with my energy and because I myself am still “on journey” I’ve been given the opportunity once again to “discover” an old pattern of saying YES Uh Huh I’ll do that Seems Like a Good Idea – before really taking even the smallest of moments to breathe, scan, discern and determine if this is the right choice for me right now.Numbers 2082 (4)

The intent behind this challenge is to help those of us who have agreed to join in to get into a regular habit of blogging – and as a result of that habit of sharing our information, wisdom or offerings to simultaneously build our business because the theory is with more blogging we’ll get more attention, more information or content out there and thus more opportunities to connect with the people who may be a fit for our services.  All good in theory – perhaps another story in practice…

So I find myself right now a bit at odds with some of the things I know to be true:

1. – Whatever I need is always there for me all the time

2. – Those who are supposed to connect with me will show up – and be ready, willing and able to connect with the work that I have to offer – Exactly on Time

3. – I choose to allow the flow of people, money, connections, and opportunities to come to and through me with ease and grace – and I have in fact experienced this many times.

4. When I try to force the river – efforting, struggling, or pushing to create something whether it’s a blog post, a piece of music, a work of art or a harmonious relationship then I end up not only not really accomplishing what I desire but often times I end up burned out, used up, exhausted or unwell.

5.  My creative process is well known to me at this point – when I create – it comes in spurts – I’ll sit down and make 27 pieces of jewelry in two days or 45 paintings in three weeks or write 5 books in one year and then when the flow is complete I’m done – I walk away and I might not touch the writing, the paintbrush or the beads again for weeks, months or maybe even years!

6.  My work – when I bring the fullness of myself to it – is truly impactful – it is deep, profound, life altering work and the people who choose to connect with their own energy journey by investing in themselves through me are achieving phenomenal shifts and exponential growth in both their business and personal lives.

7.  I must honor myself above all else – caring for my needs first – in order to be of the highest level of service to all.  Do I need to do all these posts? or is ONE QUALITY post going to serve as powerfully as 30 little snippets?

So what is a shamaness to do when she discovers that perhaps she’s signed on for something that is not fully in alignment with what she knows to be true about herself? (or anyone for that matter??)

First I’ve decided to share my truth – here in this post and also with the person that I made the commitment to (that would be me! because in actuality when we commit to another we are committing ourselves!)

Secondly I’ve decided that I will blog when I feel the urge – when I feel that there is something of VALUE that I have to say – not just for the sake of blogging or of living up to some “challenge” or expectation that I have set for myself.

Thirdly if there comes a moment in the next 23 days where I decide I’m not going to be reaching this goal I will gracefully and easily give myself permission to back off – to take myself back from the edge (like we do in yoga) so that I don’t injure myself or send the energy of pushing too hard to do too much out with my posts.

Fourth I’ll ask myself to remember the next time someone sends me an invitation to jump on board and commit to something to take a breath AND a little journey along the choice/destiny lines to see into the future (I can do that you know – you can too) and determine if this is the right thing at the right time for me.

Discernment and self-knowledge are precious gifts – and they are to be used – not stored in the cupboard for when special company comes to visit!

Please feel free to comment on this post if you feel that it speaks to you in any way.


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