What are you putting out?

What are you putting out?

Did you ever notice how pre-programmed you might be to agree to something before even taking one tiny breath to actually THINK about what the consequences of that “sure I’ll do that” might be?

Do you realize that with every choice that you make to engage in some activity or with another person you are committing not just your time but your personal energy?  Have you taken any time to think about what that means and how it impacts your life and your ability to deliver on your promises?

Do you check on your “fuel guage” EVER??? Do you know whether you have enough in the tank to fulfill that agreement along with all the others you may have made?  And of course (this is a thorny one for some – especially those of us who are “born” givers – more like “trained” givers) – have you given any thought to whether or not there is a FAIR EXCHANGE going to be happening here between you and the obligation or the person that you are saying “YES” to?
I have spent a LIFETIME challenged by boundary issues – the first 30 or so years totally in the dark about the fact that they even existed and the last 10 or 15 years learning about them and learning about ME and what works or doesn’t work – and ruthlessly and diligently working to ROOT out what doesn’t work.  Now some of these patterns of behavior – particularly the self-sacrificing behavior – are so ingrained that you might say they are locked in to the DNA – however there is a way out – I’ve traveled it myself and have come upon the sign posts again and again that ask me to make the decision – do I value myself – or some misconceived “duty” that I believe I must fulfill because I’ve been trained to believe that.   You know those folks who came up with the spiel that they do when you are buckling in on the airplane have it right – put the mask on YOURSELF FIRST before attempting to help others.

So what’s the magic word????  If you’d like – I’ll teach you….. Speaking Right UP! starts tomorrow at 1 PM – there’s still time to register!

Psst…..Something’s coming…..New Energy……can you feel it…???