So in the last few days I’ve jumped on board two major initiatives and thought it might be a great idea to combine the two and spread the light in multiple directions – first I’ve joined the Peace In Our Lifetime initiative that was started by someone I met through someone else on Facebook and have been recording videos of the 12 major Peace Prayers of the world and I’m also involved in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge that was initiated by a Mastermind SiSTAR Sandra Martini.  I’ve committed to blogging 30 times in the next 30 days and I’ve decided that I’m also going to make 21 videos leading up to the 21st when the Peace In Our Lifetime Event happens –

Here is the link to the video I did reading the  Christian Peace Prayer


This week I’m starting my workshop Speaking Right UP!  Many people are gathering this month to speak about PEACE – what words are you holding in that it is time to unleash?