Day 3 of the 30 day blog challenge!  Wanted to share another Apple Tree Video with you – A Is for

Apples=AWESome=Abundance – let the sunlight germinate the seeds of your potential – Serpent is going to show up in your garden to help you shed all that no longer serves you – That old serpent has been vilified for far too long – she has SO much to teach – time to release – let go and prepare to slide in to YOUR new skin!

In the Peruvian Tradition of Healing that I have been trained in we call forth Serpent energy 1st when we open sacred space.  It is serpent who assists us greatly in separating from the dense energies of old thoughts, patterns of behavior and belief systems – which can also lead to quite a shedding of things on the material level as well – I’m on a TEAR clearing out my house at the moment – office, medicine room, bedroom, closets – even my 14 year old man/boy has suddenly had the desire to shed the “little boy” stuff in his room and re-create his sanctuary to be more reflective of who he is – what is it time for you to let go of ?  If it’s fears around being able to speak your truth – next week SPEAKING RIGHT UP starts on Tuesday – would love to have you join me as I guide you on an energy journey that will help you to step more fully into your personal empowerment – revitalizing your business and energizing your Spirit! Check out the info page and let me know if you have questions!

istock_000003631521xsmallBy the way – Comments are MOST welcome on any and all of my posts!!  If you comment on this one – you just might win yourself a free PEA! (Personal Energy Assessment) or a BEE (Business Energy Evaluation) if you are a Passionpreneur and more interested in evaluating the energy in your biz!

REmember – YOU too can ReClaim your Ability to be WYLDLY Abundant!