I so enjoyed making these videos – I did about 8 or 9 in all in the orchard – this one is about Trusting and Sharing with the Earth.  One of the things that can happen for those of us who are highly creative or passionate about our business or purpose here is that we get SO many ideas!  When you are tuned in to the Universal Mind – of course you’ll be able to access that flow and receive ideas all the time – the challenge then becomes are you going to try to chase after all of them? Or can you let some of them go – sharing them with others or returning them to Source?

This Apple Tree series is focused on helping you to shift your ideas and beliefs about abundance – if you’d like more help in that area – deeper energy shifting can be had through a 4 week teleworkshop I’m offering starting next week – Monergy Medicine info can be found HERE!
Thanks to Sandra Martini one of my Mastermind SiSTARS in Nancy Marmolejo’s Women Making an Impact Mastermind for challenging us all to write ON!  I joined her 30 day blog challenge – I’ll be blogging every day now for the next thirty days (maybe 2 posts or more in a day so I can have the weekends off 🙂