As we clear out our old patterns of behavior, our old emotional “closets”, letting go of those thoughts, ideas, emotions, and ways of relating with others and our world we create an opening for significant change in our lives.  We are called to create from this empty space – a new way of being and behaving in the world.  We are called to create anew, to use this empty space or blank canvas to create a NEW picture of our reality – of how we would like things to be.

Moving through our lives we have the opportunity to experience a multitude of lessons – like an onion we can unpeel layers and layers and still be working with the same lesson.  Each time we come around again to it, if we have really learned, integrated and internalized the lesson the next “visit” has the quality of being less intense – when we’ve come around the first few times we can sometimes get frustrated and feel like we’ve not made any progress at all – “What?? This same Old same Old lesson AGAIN??!” but I can assure you that after you’ve been around the bend a few times and you WAKE up to the fact that there is this lesson staring you right in the face again you realize that a healing occurs with each re-visitation – it’s kind of like working with a burn victim I would imagine – the first experience is like a third degree burn – and the old dead skin has to be peeled away over and over again until the healing comes through.

Know that you are already healed and whole, that you have the keys to unlock the secrets of the lessons right inside of you!  Remember this fact first and foremost and then when you are in the middle of facing the lesson again be mindful, ask – what have I still not learned that needs to happen now in order for me to move to my next level in the process of healing?

Can you be an ACTIVE participant in this Dance of Healing – rather than whining and moaning and playing the role of “victim” can you step in to the lesson with an open heart and a willingness to squeeze all the juice out of this round on the dance floor?

At the beginning of my own awakening journey – when I first became aware of the idea that I was acting and reacting in a well worn groove of same response to the situation every time – when I  realized I could actually choose something different for myself – well that was an amazing gift let me tell you!

I remember sitting with an old friend and her partner – and talking about having just “gotten” this lesson that I was in and at the time I knew that I was moving through the lesson and coming out the other side because I told them that now the Universe was going to send me a “test” to see if I had actually learned.   My friend’s partner in that moment spoke some incredibly wise words that I carry in my heart to this day – she said “what if this isn’t a test at all – what if it’s just an opportunity to make an alternative choice”.  How beautiful is that?  Thanks Nancy – you know who you are and I know you can appreciate the gratitude I’m sending you for giving me this great wisdom!

So what I want to share with you is that one of the HUGE themes/lessons of my life has been learning how to be in relationship with others in a healthy way and more importantly learning how to set and maintain clear and wise boundaries for myself.  I’m having that lesson coming up again – and since I’ve been consciously working with it for quite some time now – the intensity is much lower and the experience of navigating the work is much more effortless.  I have come to realize it is up to me to decide with whom, when  and how much of my time, energy, life force and light I wish to share.  Sometimes I want to just open up and share with the whole world – and I’m fortunate – as we all are – that I have the capacity to do so – via facebook, blogging, twitter, live video etc.  Sometimes I want quiet time all to myself – and I shut everything down and spend a few days in nature or at a retreat center receiving healing, bodywork and immersing myself in quiet contemplation.  And then of course there is everything in between!

Time for family, friends, loved ones, animals, yard and house work, and for me – it all has to be balanced and thoughtfully and consciously decided.  Guess what?? I GET TO DECIDE!! For ME!  What is best for ME in each and every moment – and you know what – you do too!  There’s this weird thing that happens when you have the “boundary” lesson going on in your life – whenever you decide to re-set the boundaries because you’ve learned that the way it is just isn’t quite working for you any more – the “test” or opportunity to make an alternative choice that gets sent your way is someone desperately making a bid for your attention and using all kinds of means to get it – whining, pouting, screaming, accusing, shaming, blaming, etc.  they all get thrown into the mix together sometimes.


You know what – you get to choose whether and how much you wish to engage with that behavior – You get to make the choice that is healthy for you!  What I’ve found is if I engage then there is an immediate drain on my energy – but if I just say no – or set my clear boundary in some other way and I hold firm – using my personal energy and power to stay clear, focused and true to myself then the tempest generally dies down pretty quickly and the other party either solves their own problem or they find someone else who will engage with them at that level.  Either way – I’m in the clear and I get to use my energy for things that feed my soul – like taking a nice bike ride, sitting in the park, watching a sunset, building my business, serving people who are ready to take a lead role in their own healing process or baking a cake to celebrate my child’s birthday!  There is great truth in the phrase – This too shall pass…..

Make time to create some peace in your own world today – if you have boundary struggles – perhaps I can help – been there done that – and really feel like this time – the onion is all peeled…


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May you enjoy an abundant harvest this autumn!

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