There's a PERFECT Place 4 U!

There's a PERFECT Place 4 U!

Hello beautiful PEOPLE!  It’s been a while since my last Vibe Report – I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break as the energies of the present moment have been supporting a LOT of realigning with what is for the highest good.

Right now we are in the middle of a Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, 999 Gateway sweep!  It’s been a powerful few weeks leading up to this transition point and as we fully enter into Retrograde tomorrow (the 7th of September) as I’m writing this the invitation is to get up and RIDE the wave!

visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThere is a powerful force for cleansing that is revving up and we are being urged to Co-create with this force.  In times past it may have seemed that we were “at the mercy” of the energies – and in some ways we were – because we were being asked to let go of things, people, situations, patterns, beliefs, systems, and thoughtforms that the more dense aspects of ourselves were REALLY attached to.  Now we are facing the completion gateway – the 9 9 9.

999 is the number of completion – should you choose – you can use this time – these energies to be done – for good – for ever – with all that no longer serves you and you can CONSCIOUSLY choose to step in and co-create this release with Spirit as your guide.  What this means is that you are no longer allowed to be in the “victim” mode (i.e. “The energies caused this”).  Now you are being given the opportunity like never before in your experience of time, to step forward and CLAIM YOUR TRUE POWER as a CREATOR.  You get to call upon and begin the process of embodiment of the highest and brightest aspects of who you are.

If you have been carrying around a lot of “stuff” energetically – you must realize that this is a process – this is the gateway that you will step through – right here and right now to begin your personal ascension process – bringing the fullness of who you are right in to your physical body.  This is also a time for realizing that what we have called or considered “miracles” in the past were only a faint glimmer of our true potential as the seeds of light that we really are.

There are many awakened and awakening ones who are at differing stages in their personal processes.  Some are what you would call “trailblazers” those of us who have gone ahead and created pathways of light from our own experiences that will allow others to pass through this moment with greater ease and grace.  Some are the “follow alongers ” – those who can see the possibilities and are willing to walk the paths that have been forged – there are so many of these beings now – they are looking to the “trailblazers” for leadership and continued guidance and personal embodiment of the luminous way and they are the representatives of the shifting of the mass consciousness.  Finally there are the “please hold my handers or even better do it for mes” – and there are many of these beings as well – and it is for these that we must hold the highest level of faith in their own ability to step into their empowerment.  We can provide what we have to share – our messages, our services, our products, our programs, our experiences but we can NOT walk the path for them.  The whole point is for all to step in to their personal empowerment and their birthrights as creators.  Patience, compassion, and a very good sense of boundaries as well as humor is called for when approached by the “please hold my hander/do it for mes”.

As all the puzzle pieces are now being revealed and the bigger picture of peace, harmony, abundance, clarity, creativity, honor, unity and oneness continues evolve we now are called to “find our fit”.  When we cleanse and let go we can be left feeling adrift sometimes but be assured that there is a perfect place for your piece of the puzzle to fit into this Great Unfolding.  The place where ONLY your piece can fit and where it will only fit if you are willing to step forth into your GREATNESS and fully shine your light.
Many beings are available to provide loving service and support through various modalities of energy healing, teaching, and facilitation.  Because we are in fact all one – when we gather together for work with each other – no matter who is in the ‘giver’ role and who is in the ‘receiver’ role – both are equally impacted and benefit from the experiences shared.  We grow together.

I have been guided to begin the process of creating tools and programs for those who are stepping in to new roles as Passionpreneurs because an integral piece of the blossoming of the luminous way is being engaged in your life purpose/passionate work.  One of the things that you must do as a Passionpreneur is communicate your work to others.  To that end I’m going tob e offering a Healing Energy Journey Experience called Speaking Right UP! starting September 15 – to find out more about this offering and to enroll please visit my info page —–> HERE

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

Oh and by the way – it’s still summer until the 22nd of September so my contest to win a free PEA (Personal Energy Assessment)  is still on!  (Since I skipped a week of writing – I’ll be picking 2 winners this week!)  Be sure to contact me by email at if you wish to be entered into this contest – put I WANT A PEA! in the subject line of the email!