Following a huge expansion of energies – which generally occurs after a period of deep clearing we find ourselves wondering where we are and what we are being called to next – for a little while we can feel like we’re in a sort of LIMBO place but the truth is that we are just so much bigger than we were before the process and it takes a little bit of time to re-orient to where we are in the space/time/physical world continuum!

So if you are feeling kind of adrift in a big ocean and you aren’t really quite sure what’s up and where you are headed just know that the energy right now is one of post expansion – and that you just haven’t quite yet noticed where your edges are.

It’s like anything else – energy shifting and expanding awareness after a while becomes a practice – and as you have had more and more opportunities and invitations to practice you actually get better and better at the process.  The better you get the more you are called forth and the more you are called forth the more frequently you will feel as if you are in unfamiliar territory.  Just like in yoga practice – Spirit is inviting you now to explore your edges.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

For me – being a parent has been the most perfect training ground for this process of shedding, growth, expansion, and then exploration of the edges in preparation for the next round of shedding, growth, expansion and exploration.  As we ascend – we are very much like children (or plants if you prefer that analogy) in that we are constantly in a process, an unstoppable process of growing into our next best selves, our next highest vision of who we are, and why we are here.

For those of us who are acutely aware of our mission and purpose as lightworkers I have a message for you!! You can lay aside the swords, you can take 5 and rest, you can let go of the idea of being a light WORKER for a moment (or more) and just allow the light to begin to Play YOU!

Yes indeedy – it’s time to be played by the Universe – we have moved an incredible amount of density, we have transmuted enormous amounts of old paradigm thinking and behaving, we have been building the rainbow bridge in earnest and many of us are now on the “other side” of that chasm in the process of actualizing and deeply living all the concepts, visions, new patterns, new thoughts and dreams that we have been co-creating for quite some time now.

I ask you all to just STOP -stop the world.  Take a time out.  Make sure you truly halt EVERYTHING and enter into the silence with me for a moment.   You have come to the end of a cycle in your journey.  Recognize that you are now in a NEW PLACE, and a very different place from where you started.  The old ways of doing things are over.  If you want it now you have to pick up your own PERSONAL POWER and act like the CREATOR that you are.  Spirit yes is always there – Spirit is always available to set things in motion and to align the forces of creation in your favor but truthfully you are now being CALLED FORTH as the creator of your own perfect dreaming for yourself and your planet.

Have you been journeying on Faith?

Have you been journeying on Faith?

STOP right now- look around at your present creation – what do you wish to keep ?(no sense throwing out the baby with the bathwater now) what do you wish to set aside for later? (it’s ok to have some things stored in the cupboard but don’t go overboard and be sure it’s really meaningful to you) what do you wish to completely deconstruct? (been there, done that, am not going there again!)

Feel your true power – feel your capacity – seek the new edges of your beingness – re-define yourself by those edges and as you do you’ll discover something really wonderful – there are others out there who are just waiting to fit their puzzle pieces into yours to make a magnificent picture! (look for more on that in my next post!)

Are you interested in figuring out the $$ Puzzle?

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