A few weeks  ago I met up with a wonderful new friend on Facebook.  Deremiah *CPE is a man on a mission – and he so delighted me with his energy, excitement and deep as well as entertaining wisdom that I couldn’t help myself and I jumped right on his bandwagon!

I have to back up a little first though because the way I met Deremiah is through another infinitely wise and well connected soul Alex Karis, who really called me forth to express my gratitude through his Hurricane of Gratitude project – check that out and drop a comment or, even better, create your own gratitude video and post it  HERE.


Big Corn & More 003

Anyway, back to Deremiah….. So I was on Alex’s profile and there was this AWESOME video from Deremiah *CPE called "Be Like the Big Corn".  You’ve gotta watch it and you’ll see exactly why I got so inspired myself.  Deremiah’s like a massive High Intensity multi-watt bulb just RADIATING pure energy and delight at being alive.  When I saw this video and had just been invited by Alex to do my own gratitude video I borrowed from Deremiah and created Be Like a Strawberry – Check it out and tell me what you think:



So it gets better – what’s all this BE Babuska Happy stuff about anyway and what’s it got to do with Corn & Strawberries & Gratitude?  Well Deremiah and I are now in a kind of Visionary Vibe Video Volleyball game of sorts – he responded to my Strawberry video with his own Be Like a Tree.  Then I responded with 2 more vids – Be Like the Forest and Be Like a Stargazer – If you want to check out all the action you might want to hook up with me on Facebook – just sign in and search for AWyldfyre – or Amethyst Wyldfyre –Divine Wisdom Channel (which is my fan page and an easier place to communicate through – heck add yourself to both ‘k?) – go look at my video page and you’ll see some of what I’m talking about.  Well the next thing you know Deremiah puts out a video with a whole bunch of baby Pink Babushkas – now these Babuskas are more than just cool hats to keep your head warm in the winter – oh no – they are MUCH more than that!  They are ACTUALLY really something FAR MORE impactful – these are really quite MAGICAL little pink baby babushkas because they come with a message and an ENERGY and INTENT!  These little babies are HAPPY THINKING CAPS!  Watch my Bein Babushka Happy (Have You Retrieved Your Pink Lady Yet?) video right HERE and see what I mean!

I am really happy, thrilled and filled with gratitude to be able to play, have fun, be aligned with my purpose, connect with like minded peeps and to be of service!  One way that I serve is by offering teleclasses and workshops that are profoundly healing experiences.  This week I had a free call – during which one of my clients provided testimony for my work AND got up on the virtual table – by now I’m sure you understand how the Law Of Attraction works but let me explain what happens with these calls – when someone is on the “virtual table” and is surfacing an issue – even if the story isn’t exactly the same for you – if you have shown up to listen/participate – even if it’s later listening to a recording – you too will experience should you desire to – an ENERGY SHIFT and healing around the issue/energy that is “up”.  Not only did my guest client receive healing but everyone on the call did as well – nice how that works hm?

Any way I wanted to send out some love and gratitude along with a good dose of healing medicine to you who read my blog posts – so here’s the link from this week’s free Shift Your Energy – Ramp Up Your Business free call! 


Take some sacred time for yourself to receive this healing!  And if you are a Passionpreneur and this work was impactful for you, opening up your soul matrix and commencing a process of clearing and healing around your money/business equation then I would welcome your presence at the Energize to Monetize workshop that begins next Thursday!  You may visit the Information page and enroll right —–>> HERE

What you aren’t a Passionpreneur but you are experiencing some blockages around money in your life and want some help too??? Ok!  I have a special 5 part series that I co-created with Nicole Whitney of News For the Soul Radio that is ridiculously inexpensive and massively powerful!  You can find the WYLDLY ABUNDANT program deets —–> HERE!

Have a fabulous weekend – BE Like the BIG CORN – BE LIKE A Strawberry! Be BABUSKA HAPPY!  Enjoy life – be grateful, remember you are and always have been WYLDLY ABUNDANT! 

***Want to get your own Pink Lady??? Here’s a link to Deremiah’s site – he’s got a goal and I would love to help him achieve it! 


When we help each other we can’t help but help ourselves too – so help yourself to some Happiness today!  Love and infinite blessings – Amethyst