puzzle-pieces-table-445282-lIt’s been an interesting ride through the ecliptic period.  So much has come up for re-conciliation.  I’ve been working with a lot of clients who have been re-claiming, re-storing, resurrecting and re-integrating not just one past/parallel life but a whole slew of them!  Yesterday during my Opening to Channel call we did group work – literally bringing back a whole group of soul parts that had been persecuted, prosecuted or executed for speaking their truth.  It was a powerful experience not only for me but also for the folks on the call who were gifted with the freedom that comes from healing those old wounds and with the talents, gifts, lessons, and life force of those disenfranchised soul parts that have now come home into the one heart.  What a blessing!

The other interesting thing that I’ve been noticing is that there are now many puzzle pieces in this grand re-alignment, great shift, great turning, pachacuti that are starting to fall into place.  As the old paradigm continues to disintegrate all around us we are each holding within us the puzzle piece to the new vision that is emerging.  Have you ever done a big puzzle WITHOUT the picture on the side of the box to look at?  Well it seems that’s what we are doing – each of us has a glimpse or a slice or piece of the bigger picture but no one individual has the whole puzzle/vision quite figured out in it’s wholeness.   We know, we feel and we are experiencing at the deepest of levels the emergence of a new picture.  We have been catching glimpses here and there of the visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolinepossibilities.  We each are contributing and co-creating our unique aspect of the whole and we each at a very deep level do in fact contain within us the whole picture.  The time to activate your personal creative expression and your own unique vision of where we are headed, what we are creating is NOW.  No more waiting.  Get out there and just do it!

The energy is supporting you to jump, leap, plunge, explode, launch, blast off, spread your wings and FLY!  Get way up there – high above the mountain tops – high above the tree tops, way up high – cause where we are going is Some Where over the RAINBOW and you have been an integral player in building, maintaining, elevating, activating and initiating that RAINBOW bridge!    The higher you choose to fly, the grander your vision will be, the more wholeness you will see – see if you can fly right to the MOON – Mama Moon would love to hold you on her belly for a moment as you gaze with Angel Eyes back to Mama Earth.  See Mama Earth, see her beauty, see her wholeness, see her teaming with harmonious life forms, see that there are no borders, see that we are all one family, see that we have the power and the mission to remember this truth.

Marias Reading 013Now fly back down and land – firmly rooting your feet and your heart connecting to the heart of mother Earth!  Why are YOU here?  And what ‘imperfect action’ will you take today to ground yourself and manifest that vision.  Let go of everything else.  Stay rooted in your heart.  Stay rooted and connected to Mother knowing at the same time that you have the freedom and the ability at ANY time to leap again into the dark sea of awareness and fly to your heart’s content wherever you like to get a different perspective, to be inspired, to broaden your view.   Enjoy the journey!

Money Issues

ARE You a Passionpreneur?  Have you ANSWERED the CALL to step into your high destiny and manifest your mission through your own business?  Are you experiencing any stumbling blocks to your forward progress on the journey?  REmember your business is an awesome opportunity not only to connect and thrive in the world but it’s also an energetic relationship within which you have the ability to do your deep inner work.  Your business may have some wonderous things to help you to heal through.  When you are in business – most often the wounded spaces show up in the inability to manifest monetary flow.  On 8/13/09 at noon ET  I’m hosting a free call – Shift Your Energy – Ramp Up Your Business during which we’ll explore these thoughts and energies even further – I’d love to have you join me!  Here is the LINK to register!  This is free preview to my Energize to Monetize Workshop which commences on 8/20/09.  (Pssst…..Secret special for blog post readers!! If you “get the call” to join me for the workshop and you put the word BLOG into the comment box when you enroll and make your payment I’ll give you a free BEE (Business Energy Evaluation – valued at $197 or – a 30 minute sound therapy session – whichever you prefer! Be sure to enter the word BLOG as your secret code….. catch you on the calls – all of which will be recorded just in case you can’t make the live ones – may all light surround you as you birth forth your highest mission and purpose through your business!)

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

By the way – I’m still running the PEA contest so if you are hearing it’s time for you to have a Personal Energy Assessment and you’d like to enter for an opportunity to win one (value $97) then please drop me an email at amethyst@amethystwyldfyre.com with I WANT A PEA in the subject line and a little note to me about why you’d like one!