We are in the midst of moving through an energetic window of three separate eclipses – there was a Lunar in early July, a solar just the other day on the 22nd and we are approaching a third in the early part of August. Ecliptic periods give us a huge boost in surfacing and releasing what needs to go in a much more easy and graceful way. The energies of gentle but very high vibrations are coming through right now and assisting us in coming to completion on this stage of cleansing. The energies have the quality of a water pic – massaging our light body and getting deep into the crevices but in a very watery and gentle way.

One of the areas where we are being called to examine and release is in the area of cultural attachment. In working with a number of clients in recent weeks we have come across cords that are attaching them energetically to the land of their birth – I’ve worked with clients from Romania, the Phillipines, India and Germany and each of them were energetically trapped and being drained by the attachments to not only the land itself but also to the heart of the culture. This work was really interesting because it allowed me to really crystallize my own understanding of how cultures can have their own energy body.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline
Any system, be it a country, a culture, a business, a family unit or an individual has it’s own energy, it’s own field, and it’s own unique “vibe”. The work for these clients was to detach these cords at the energetic level – freeing themselves to be present here, now, in this time, in this place, in this country and in this culture. Once these cords were dissolved the work of grounding was the immediate follow-up for every one of them. Grounding to the heart of Earth – regardless of location is what is being called for now.
This deep and profound connection to the heart of the Mother will allow anyone to feel “at home” anywhere and is not at all dependent upon the mores, norms, practices, beliefs, patterns of relating or conditioning of the culture of your birth. Regardless of where you were born, regardless of the cultural imprints that you may be carrying as a result of a particular ethnic background, you have the opportunity and can make the choice in the present moment to release it all, to let it all go and to look at this moment with fresh eyes, with an open heart and with a firm energetic grounding to your Earth Mother. Perhaps as more of us engage in this work we will not only free ourselves and our energy to be creative and powerful in this moment but we will also come to recognize the underlying “ground” of commonality between us – all of us on the planet – all beings of the One Source, all streaming light from the One Heart and all harmonized and at Peace with ourselves and all of our brothers and siSTARS.

If you would like some assistance in dissolving cords of attachment, if you are feeling “bound” , stuck, unable to move forward, treading water, getting tripped up, going around in circles, drained or otherwise out of harmony- with what you know to be your natural state of well being perhaps it’s time to check in and have a little visit with me. I’m now offering several programs including my 7 Week BlockBuster series of intensive consecutive sessions designed to free you energetically at every level of your being. When you have

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

completed this series you will feel more empowered, a greater sense of clarity, more vibrantly connected to life, more creative and more able to manifest the life that you have been dreaming about in your secret heart. Call me to schedule a PEA (Personal Energy Assessment) appointment ($97) at 603-594-2744 and we’ll determine what sort of work we can do together that would be a good fit for us both.