Divine Union Selected as Finalist At INATS!

Divine Union Selected as Finalist At INATS!

Nashua, NH, July 22, 2009: Local artist and sound healing therapist Amethyst Wyldfyre’s 2008 CD Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was recently selected as a finalist in the Inner Space/Meditational/Healing Music category by COVR (the Coalition of Visionary Resources) at INATS West held June 27 & 28th in Denver Co. INATS – the International New Age Trade Show is the premier showcase for all new age products in the US and is held semi-annually each year to connect New Age retailers with the producers of music, books, art and other products and services that serve to catalyze healing and enlightenment for humanity.

Divine Union is Ms. Wyldfyre’s debut recording, consisting of 11 tracks of crystal singing bowl music intended to awaken and unite the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine forces for healing and empowerment. The CD of all original channeled music was recorded & mastered at BB3 Audio in Newfields NH. This sacred sound recording is designed to relax and refresh the mind, body and spirit while working at the most subtle of levels to catalyze healing and evolutionary growth. An alchemical combination of the soothing and ethereal sounds of the singing crystal bowls is coupled with various percussion instruments and the voice to create an experience of beauty, power and grace for the listener.

Amethyst Wyldfyre is an Energy Shifting Expert whose work has been featured in both print and television and more than 2 dozen live radio interviews. In her work helping individuals transform their energy to change their life, she uses her training as a Certified Shamballa Master Healer and Teacher, Certified Crystal Gateway Crystal Healer, and a Certified graduate of the Healing the Light Body School along with her natural ability to channel Source energy, sacred sound and healing vibrations. In her work on the Internet, she has reached hundreds of thousands both nationally and internationally with her message of illumination and alignment with the higher spiritual aspects of their being.

She helps others to expand their consciousness, and raise awareness around the global shifts of our times. She specializes in assisting big thinkers, dreamers and high achieving entrepreneurs & business professionals who are leaders in their chosen field with a large sphere of influence to be able to clear their blocks. In this way, they can take their work to the next level, ground their passions, expand their vision and concentrate their energies so that they can serve and impact more clients in less time — and achieve greater results with ease, grace and joy.

Ms. Wyldfyre is best known locally as the former owner of Amethyst Wyldfyre – A Sanctuary for Awakening to the Sacred and for her production of FIREFest in downtown Nashua in 2006 & 2007 – events that drew over 6500 people into the heart of the city to celebrate the visual, performing, culinary and healing arts. She was selected in 2008 as a Renaissance Woman by NH Magazine for her work with the arts.

“I’m delighted and thrilled to have had my CD selected as a finalist by COVR this year” says Ms. Wyldfyre “I’m really honored to have been chosen for this accolade especially since this is my initial foray into the recording world.” “This CD really created itself, the bowls are such powerful instruments for healing and wanted their voices to be heard and shared.” “Being selected as a finalist really inspires me to go back into the studio to create again and to spread the healing and the powerfully positive vibrations of the singing bowls as far and wide as possible.” Crystal Singing Bowls are made of quartz that has been crushed and shaped into a bowl form then tuned to specific notes on the scale by the Master Alchemists at Crystal Tones in Salt Lake City Utah.

Ms. Wyldfyre often performs the Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Experience at live events and expos as well as on “Tele”-Concerts over the phone. More information as well as sample tracks from Divine Union may be found on her website at http://www.amethystwyldfyre.com/crystalsingingbowls/crystalsingingbowls.html#divineunion She also books individual sound therapy sessions by phone or in person. Ms. Wyldfyre welcomes wholesale inquiries about this CD and her other creations including her two self published books from interested retailers and may be reached for questions or additional information at amethyst@amethystwyldfyre.com