All those seeds that we were busy planting for the last several years, all those light seeds are starting to sprout all around us – have you noticed? I am seeing more and more people who are opening to their own gifts – more and more people who are craving the opportunity to serve a purpose – their own purpose! More and more who are remembering their true reasons for being here and more who are stepping really fully into the new skins that we have been growing all the while under all that old muck and dense energy that we spent the first half of this year shedding.

So what does a light worker(player) do during the growing season?? Just like any good gardener – take the time to tend to the visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineseedlings, to cultivate the soil, to continue with the process of weeding, sometimes to thin out the plantings leaving behind only the best of the crop and letting go of anything that is going to be good but not really great in favor of energizing and nurturing the greatness.

What kinds of energies do you most align with, energies that you would like to focus and concentrate on cultivating within you and, if you have a business or practice already, within that? Are you a joy monger? Perhaps you are a healing light? Maybe your gig is getting people to step into being healthy in their body like my yoga friend Darlene.

Each and every one of us is here to serve in some way – what gets you grooving? What rings your chimes? What would make you want to burst out of bed in the morning to do because you are just so jazzed to do it?

One of the things that I noticed about myself and my own practice is that I’ve been called up! Called (again) to take it to the next level. The funny thing is – you get this idea, this inspiration, you follow the breadcrumb trail left by your guide teams – you think you are heading in a certain direction – you begin down that path with a certain destination in sight and suddenly it’s all about the destination instead of the enjoyment of the journey. So I’m going to ask you – right here, right now to stop – to take a pause – to breathe and to be for a moment – and to do something really important. Look around. Where are you? Where have you come from? What goals have you accomplished that you set out to do in the past? What dreams have you already manifested?

We are getting so good at manifesting now – at harnessing that power of the Universal Laws (and I mean all of them – not just the Law of Attraction) that it’s pretty easy most of the time to create and manifest whatever we want. Things fall apart when we fail to appreciate that we have this power and when we aren’t willing to acknowledge the actuality of the ease and grace with which we are blessed in our abilities.

The Back Deck - Nice Journaling Spot!

The Back Deck - Nice Journaling Spot!

One of the great things about journaling – recording in any form actually – whether it’s blogging, journaling, audio or video – is that you get to look back and get perspective. Sometimes we are so busy with our “story” either our “story” of woe, or our “story” of the heroics that we have brought forth from ourselves in order to overcome some of those old drama/traumas, that we fail to see that we’ve arrived – maybe not exactly where we thought we were going destination wise – but often somewhere quite a lot bit better than we could have imagined originally when we embarked on the quest.

So ask yourself – Where AM I? How did I get Here? What gifts and strengths did I muster in the process? What lessons have been learned? What is my present state of mind, of emotion, of material/physical nature, of my Spirit? What happened to those seeds that I planted? Are they growing? Do I need to thin the garden some? Am I enjoying this process? If I’m not in Joy – what can I do to get there?

Sometimes we need a guide, assistant, navigator or coach to lend us their perspective – to help us to see ourselves from another point of view – to assist us in the weeding process – to ask the questions or open & shift the energy channels so that we can more fully embody our highest nature. Is it time for you to get your channel opened wider?

Right now I’m offering an awesome 4 week workshop that starts on Wednesday the 22nd of July and will provide you with the extraordinary benefit of validating your own personal power to connect with Source directly for guidance, advice, and your own next best steps on the journey – and will connect you with a wonderful group of other like-minded individuals all questing to increase their own clarity, call forth their higher visions and boost their own confidence and ability to make great decisions and manifest magnificent and powerful dreams. Would love to have you consider joining us – Opening to Channel for Fun & Profits – find out more about this opportunity HERE!