visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineComing through the Lunar Eclipse full moon transmissions of last week we had a final cleanup of all the remnants of that which was coming forth to be cleared recently.  Feels good to be on the other side of that major re-alignment process that started back at the beginning of the year.  So many of us as lightworkers were called to step out in faith once again – to let go, to release and to transmute old energies – I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I am living whole lifetimes in very condensed time periods – on this rollercoaster of continuous and accelerated change!

Every now and then we have moments like now – where the energies are settling in – where we are in deep integration mode and where we are CALLED DEEPLY to stop, pause, sit, wait, rest, restore, nourish and refresh ourselves.  I am thoroughly enjoying this period of rest – taking every opportunity to sleep in late, to lie out in the sunshine, to entertain myself with trips to the movies or the bookstore for a good read in the hammock.  Spirit is clearing the schedule too – had a client call scheduled for today and that didn’t manifest – I’m sure it will though – and exactly on time.
Take this next week or so to breathe and be.  On the 22nd there’s a solar eclipse and another gateway to manifesting the new – so use this time to daydream, to catch up on your sleep, to pause, to take stock and to decide – what is up for me next, how can I best and most effectively shine my unique light in the world, how can I share my message with more people more conveniently for all parties, how can I exponentially accelerate and amplify the light of Spirit and finally how can I best honor myself and Spirit in the sharing of my gifts.

That last sentence of the vibe report is a perfect segue to lead in to sharing that I have just completed a 5 week live free series that was recorded and is now being packaged into a product called Wyldly Abundant with Nicole Whitney host of News For the Soul Radio.  We are preselling the product package at a $20 discount from now until the launch date of July 22 – so here’s a wonderful way to reach many more people, to help them to align with the energies of abundance, to heal any blocks or challenges to receiving and acknowledging the natural state of the Abundant Universe, with a bunch of additional bonuses and at a bargain price too!  Check out the presale order form HERE !  Enjoy an abundantly rich and relaxing week – I’m on semi vacation myself!

cdcover_200pixelOne more little note – My CD Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey was a finalist for a COVR Award at the Denver INATS in the Inner Space/Meditational/Healing Music category!  Woo Hoo – Summer Special – for anyone who wants a copy of the CD to celebrate being selected as a finalist if you want to order from me directly (bypass the website) – get $3.00 off the retail price AND have the shipping and handling fee waived – send me $15.00 via paypal to my email and put Send me the CD – S&H Free! in the subject line or comments box.