Back with this week’s vibe from a week long break for both outer work and inner work.  The energy shifting is continuing apace and the call at visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolinethe moment for all lightworkers is to come to a place of reconciliation.

Reconciling the paradoxes is a huge theme in all the client work that I’ve been doing for the last 10 days or so – the two sides to every coin, the two sides to every story, the duality, the black and white – coming together – each side bringing gifts, each side offering a view point and each side making the step over the chasm to bridge the gifts and points of view and come into a DIVINE UNION.  A lot of the energies of these paradoxes are traced back to childhood and from there into past life circumstances – a lot of karmic reconciliation, clearing and cleansing now unfolding at every level.

Examples of what I’m talking about:

Worked with a client today who had been terribly disempowered as a young girl of about 9 by an adult woman who was very highly placed socially and monetarily.   We journeyed back to a past life where my client was in the “highly placed” or Superior position and the woman from this life time was  her servant or Inferior.

The gifts from the inferior aspect were strength, kindness, service and from the superior aspect responsibility, leadership and power.  When these two aspects came together in the center her heart and solar plexus both opened wide and she was filled with light and the message from the unified whole was one of trust.

Another woman in one of my workshops worked with dominance and subservience – similar to the example above however it was more pronounced – the subservient aspect was a slave in a previous life – the dominant aspect was a pharoah – the slave aspect was playing out in this lifetime again and again but additional past life impressions were received that showed that the dominant aspect was also present – particularly in a lifetime as the captain of a pirate ship that rose to the surface.  Again the call was to reconcile and to glean the gifts from both sides of the equation and then bring them into union.
A third client had a masculine/feminine dichotomy going on and I myself worked through about half a dozen paradoxical and polarized aspects on the table last week with my own energy healing facilitator.   After a marathon session I came home on Thursday the 2nd and spent the rest of the day in bed resting and integrating – one paradox really challenged me for quite a long time throughout the afternoon – the robber and the robbed.  Finally I was able to discern the gifts after about 4 hours of rest and integration and to bring these two aspects to union within myself.


The full moon lunar eclipse of the 7th and the other eclipses that are going to follow in the coming weeks – a total solar on 7/22 and another lunar on 8/6 are giving us plenty of energy and opportunity to make major karmic reconciliations and energy shifts within our matrixes – deep ancestral cleansing, deep and wide karmic clearing, deep opportunities to raise up our vibrations to a much higher level of light in preparation for the 9/9/9 gateway.  This is a magnificent time to let yourself go and let yourself grow.  There is tremendous universal energetic support for coming into balance and right relationship through the heart.

I must comment too on the obvious shifts in energy in the last few weeks with the departure of major celebrities in particular Michael Jackson who clearly had a life of extreme paradoxes – an over the top – beyond the beyond successful musical and performing career that made him a living legend very early in his life path and a childhood that was mostly devoid of any of the “normal” childhood experiences – creating a wounded child complex that was played out larger than life on the world stage.  It is no surprise that as the energies of these times are calling forth the merging and reconciliation of our polarized aspects that those who are extremely polarized are mightily challenged and in some cases choosing to exit – because the new energies that are arriving are calling for unity – unity in the individual as well as in the collective and of course it all starts with U!

My CD Divine Union can be of immense support during this phase of our global shifting and the call for unity – it was chosen as a finalist for an award by the Coalition of Visionary Resources at INATS West!

Be sure to join me too on my free call on Wednesday 7/8/9 – Everybody Channels and U Can 2! As we reconcile our pasts and clear our karmic ties, debts and debris, we open simultaneously to receiving the gifts of those pasts – including our divine capacity to connect directly with Spirit!

I Want a PEA!

I Want a PEA!

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