At the beginning of June we experienced a HUGE burst of energy – not unlike what a runner experiences when the pistol goes off and they start a race – there was a lot of anticipation as we came out of a pretty tumultuous late winter and spring period of releasing followed by a powerful Mercury Retrograde – we were all READY by the time June rolled around for a major shift.   And indeed that is just what we got!

A huge light infusion came in with a powerful surge during the first 10 days or so of June – there was a powerful and positive feeling of “finally” we have broken through and we’re free to fly!  What we got though was an equal dose of continued DEEP cleansing.  As we receive these higher light quotients we have the opportunity to utilize the energies for our highest good.  When we are consciously aligned with the process of our own ascension then sometimes that highest good is an even deeper and more thorough cleansing and clearing.

This light infusion really gave us a powerful kick in the butt to go even deeper and further then we had previously – moving deep into our family root system – our personal as well as our human family.  Lots of ancestral, genetic and historic memories came up for clearing and release – for ourselves as individuals and for the collective.  Be VERY aware that as a conscious participant in the ascension process you are not only clearing your own “stuff” but you are also doing work on behalf of the collective – so if sometimes the inner work feels HUGE – be assured that it is!!

Earlier this year there was a definite feeling that June was going to be a breakthrough month and of course the energies were definitely there – and exactly on time to support that – however what we may have imagined the breakthrough would look/be like may be a little bit different!   In fact it may feel a bit like there was a false start – you know when they start a race and someone jumps off the starting block before it’s time?  There is this great burst of energy and the other runners often jump off their blocks too then everyone has to go back – set up and get ready to start again – sometimes a false start can really “psyche out” a runner causing them to lose focus on the race and on what they are there to do.

Many lightworkers had this experience this month – the huge burst of energy and then down with either physical clearing in the form of illness mostly focused in the upper respiratory area (remember all those tree/lung posts?)  or the sense that the energy just fizzled out like a big firework exploding followed by those little fizzles….. So what I’d like to remind you of is this is a journey – this is a process and that you are exactly where you need to be right now doing exactly what you are doing.

The solstice brought about a sense of balancing things out and grounding everything.   The message here is to keep focused – to stay focused on enduring without suffering (love that phrase – came from a client session!).  Realize that its not about this particular race – or that particular event or some other particular outcome that you had in your head that you wanted or expected to transpire.  Realize that it’s about the steady progress that we have all made and that we all continue to make in bringing greater and greater quotients of light to earth.  Realize that the work is to anchor, ground and embody that light and realize that in the process of bringing in more and more light we will continue to illuminate that which has been in darkness and is now ready to come to the surface for resolution and transmutation.

This is the time of the Great Turning – the Great Shift.  You came here very specifically for this work – you are an integral part in the process and you have done an outstanding job in making tremendous leaps in consciousness in a miniscule period of time.  Be easy with yourself.  Be gentle, kind and nurturing to yourself.  Be clear on your boundaries. Know when you have had enough and be sensible enought to take a time out.  You have worked and played incredibly hard at the game of Ascension – it’s ok to stop the world for a bit and enjoy a breather.  All the finest athletes know the importance of rest.

If you are feeling drained or have been struggling through the last few weeks of ascension work – it may be time for you to receive some energetic assistance – I invite you to consider the Ascension Activation Attunement series which can offer substantial support to you during this time!
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