I wanted to have a little celebration to honor the exceptional impact that the Spiritual Marketing Telesummit had for the attendees last week – so I filmed another episode of Sharing Sweet Success!

I want to send my love, gratitude and appreciation to Suzanne Falter-Barns for being courageous and oh so willing to step in to her becoming as a leader bringing a higher level of consciousness and spiritual insight more into the “mainstream”.

There has been such an enormous amount of positive feedback from the event – here’s just a few comments:

“So far, I’ve cried, laughed and taken lots of notes.  Wow…what an spiritual ride!”

“…people are craving for this kind of information and I am seeing, feeling and hearing that now in such an overwhelming amount…as if my ears have been closed…”

“… it was spirit telling me through so many people and in such a concentrated way that I am in the right energy and I need not succumb to doubt or fear.   Each small step is exactly as it needs to be.”

This is only a small sample of the many positive comments that were made about the event!

As I mentioned in the video each of us brought our individual gifts to the table – and even though there may have been small areas of overlap – like a great potluck – each individual speaker’s energy was unique and the overall event was incredibly satisfying and fulfilling for presenters and participants alike!

Remember when contemplating your sweet success that the people that you surround yourself with – those with whom you partner – those with whom you share a stage or platform – those who work really diligently behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly – they all count towards not only your personal success but more importantly to the success of the mission that you were born to serve.
As a Passion-preneur – being in alignment with my path of service and simultaneously aligning that path to my means of income and financial support has been a long and often challenging journey – each step has shown me my own fortitude, has revealed many hidden gifts and most importantly has blessed me with some magical and magnificent soul family members to play with for which I am Most Grateful – including YOU!

So enjoy your Sweet Success until next time!!

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I Want a BEE!

I Want a BEE!

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