I’m SO excited!! Today is the day that I’ll be speaking (at 8PM ET) on the Spiritual Marketing Telesummit that is being hosted by Suzanne Falter-Barns – if you haven’t registered yet there is definitely still time! Since all the calls are recorded you can still hop in and listen to yesterday’s speakers – Andrea Hess (the Amazing 7 Figure Psychic) and Lisa Sasevich (who teaches you how to sell your stuff/services without being salesy)

Here’s a copy of the note that Suzanne sent out to everyone after yesterday’s kickoff – be sure to note that there is now a forum set up so registrants can network, connect and interact with each other and something else has been an ADDED – a surprise special guest – and let me tell you this guy is the absolute greatest – he’s been coaching me for the last year and has been such a motivator to me taking my business to the next level – this summit would be totally worth twice as much or more if it was only him speaking! Here’s Suzanne’s note…..

Dear Amethyst – OK, I think I’m watching quantum physics (or maybe it’s the hundredth monkey?) in action.

My Spiritual Marketing Telesummit has just totally taken off!

To that end we’ve attracted another amazing speaker (more on that in a minute) AND … we’ve added a great discussion board for all on the calls to participate in. Also, more than 100 folks have jumped in since Monday AM – and we’re expecting at least another hundred as this event flies around the Net.

Each of our calls today, Day One, were inspiring, from-the-heart testimonials on the power of intuition and rising up to truly seize your own power. Lisa Sasevich and Andrea Hess – who really are different sorts of experts and speak on different things entirely – hit the same note: *** It’s NOT about the ‘Doing’ when it comes to your success…
it’s about the mindset. ****

So, yeah … that’s what we’re up to here. We still have room if you’d like to join us. To that end, we want to connect you all, too – seekers unite, right?

If you’ve already signed up for the Telesummit, go into our Members area and set up an account (it just takes a sec.) Then jump up to our Member Forum… I’ve left a great note there for everyone summarizing what went on today.

If you’ve not yet joined, this is the place to rock and roll, spiritually speaking this week. You’re going to be moved by these calls – I promise. And it’s fast, cheap and easy to be part of the action. Jump in at

It’s SOOOOO great – I’m just beside myself at what an awesome event this is shaping up to be. OH! And let me share with you our final bonus speaker — my dear buddy Patrick Combs – he’s totally got the goods on what it actually takes, day to day, to use your spiritual belief to build your business. I and do mean build it BIG.
Patrick will be speaking on Day Four (Friday) at 4PM ET/1PM PT on Do BIG Business with Your Spiritual Power. That’s your chance to step up big time … a great parting shot to our event!

Please trust me when I promise you will be moved to great stuff by Patrick. See you on the phone tomorrow, I hope!

Suzanne Falter-Barns

PS. One more time, you can join the fun at

That’s it!! Sign up asap if you want to join me on the call tonight at 8 PM – and be sure to listen too earlier today to Coach Eva – a Law of Attraction specialist who’s going to be talking about prosperity! I know you are going to get great value from this event.

Peace and infinite blessings of light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre,
The Torch of Transformation Multidimensional Mentoring, Magic, Medicine & Mastery

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