Wow – Suddenly I just “GOT IT!” This whole Swine Flu thing – isn’t it interesting that as the money/recession/economic “crisis” is all over the news – the next big thing that hits the airwaves is the SWINE FLU – and exactly what do we teach our children to put money in when they are little???? Think there might be a connection there??

Since everything is energy and all connected – how we choose to energize something will also show up in our physical reality. The place where we have the highest level of impact when we desire to shift something that we are having challenges around is in the energetic field or luminous body. This luminous body is the “energetic blueprint” upon which our mental, emotional and physical bodies are laid down. Like nesting dolls they are deeply interwoven and interconnected – at the physical we are 99% matter and 1% consciousness – very dense and the most challenging level to see results manifesting (how long does it take to lose that 10 pounds through diet and exercise alone??) – at the Spiritual or Energetic level we are 99% consciousness and 1% matter – this is the realm where we are able to see miraculous results in a very short – instantaneous really – period of time. So to really effect the most profound change in your life – do you want to start at the bottom (the physical) and push the boulder up the hill – or would you rather start at the top (the energetic or Spiritual) and allow gravity and momentum to roll that boulder right on down through all the levels quickly and easily?

If you are having challenges around money in your life – perhaps it’s time for you to take action to make a shift – at every level. Money Medicine may just be for you….

Hope you’ll consider joining me – the Cure (don’t they “cure” ham??) is available for your Piggy Bank’s case of the Flu – it’s all about making that choice to step into the energy of your own power to heal every aspect of your life.

Blocked energetically in any other areas of your life? Family, Finances, Fun, Fitness and Faith make up the Fabric of our Lives – they are all connected – energy medicine can clear the way for you to come into greater balance and flow in every area – please contact me to find out about how to apply to win a PEA (Personalized Energy Assessment valued at $97.00). Email me at and put I Want a PEA! in the subject line.