visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineI’m not an astrologer and I’m sure there are plenty who can shed some illumination on the last six months – I am however a clear channel and energetic receiver of information and experience and I can tell you one thing – the last six months has truly been a major time of re-alignment, re-adjustment, re-consideration, re-leasing and more- from what I understand – Saturn has been retrograde since December about to go direct shortly – in March/April Venus was retrograde and just after she went direct Mercury took its turn going into retrograde. Within the next week or so – all the energy that has been held back awaiting our cleansing and fuller alignment with our divine destiny will be unleashed and those of us who have been in a holding pattern for quite some time will finally start to see some really rapid forward movement in our work, mission and relationships.

These last six months have truly been a roto-rooter period – we have been thoroughly cleansed at every level – our DNA has been restructured and for many of the clients I have been working with whole segments of their luminous fields have been removed and replaced with entirely new energetic blueprints of a much higher frequency enabling them to channel ever more intense energetic transmissions.  Even those people who you wouldn’t normally imagine are “spiritually turned on” have been popping up all over and are eager to seek assistance with navigating the energies and the shifts that they are suddenly awakened to in their own life and in the larger world.

A common refrain amongst light workers is some frustration and some weariness over the wait to serve – including multiple stories of people who have invested time, energy and money into following their spiritual path who are finding that they are not presently receiving a steady flow of incoming resources – for many the feeling is of being precariously perched between the dying world and the new world abirthing – for some that are newly awakening they are experiencing their opening in a clearly dying paradigm and so the shift is much more dramatic and painful for them – for others they are waiting in the new paradigm – perfectly poised and ready to serve as midwives and beacons for the masses who are coming forth to be served and in the waiting are wondering “how long?” – the practice here of course is patience.

All of course is in perfect and divine order and we are all exactly where we are supposed to be exactly on time, with exactly the right counterparts and colleagues coming forth to co-create with us.  Relationally we are now prepared and groomed to enter into Divine Union – either within – a sacred inner marriage with the twin flame counterpart energy or without – in a physical relationship that mirrors that inner marriage.  The new relationship paradigm will also be very different from the old forms that are crumbling everywhere – these new relationships will be completely free of all restriction, all expectation and with the fullness of deep and unconditional love balanced with perfect self-responsibility and conscious action in alignment with heart centered divine vision.  They will be balanced, fun, easy, free, enjoyable and fruitful in many ways – the opportunity is to create the world of your dreams – the work of your dreams, the lifestyle of your dreams, the relationship of your dreams, the family harmony of your dreams.  Whatever you are dreaming you are dreaming not only for yourself but for your childrens childrens children – even if you don’t have actual children of your own – realize that you are creating the world that you will inherit.  What are you dreaming?  (For energetic assistance in aligning more fully to these energies – might I suggest listening to my CD – Divine Union – available in CD format or as a download!)

Radiate Your Light!

Radiate Your Light!

Get ready to have those dreams come true in the blink of an eye – welcome to the dawn of the age of miracles – very quickly – those of us who have been doing the work of consciously evolving will be finding whole  new and unimagined vistas opening before us – we even have the opportunity to etherically engineer new bodies – free from dis-ease and with the potential seeded within for immortality – truly we are empowered now to create great magic – and so breathe, be – let go of anything that is left, any threads or residues that would keep you from stepping fully into your luminosity.  Be ready – time is running out on the old ways that have held sway.  The new is birthing – coming through and crowning.  Time to stand and deliver.  Be the beacons and the light way showers that you are – hold that faith and vision and vibration of the highest levels of consciousness.  All is well. And you have created this.

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