The Tree people are really calling out to us and asking us to remember how perfectly the universe is designed and also how reflective it is – The trees of course are the LUNGS of the planet – they provide us with the oxygen we need in order to survive – without the trees we would be Toast!

We are the trees for the tree people – we provide them with Carbon Dioxide – they use our Carbon Dioxide to nourish themselves – breaking it down into carbon and oxygen that they return to us in an endless cycle of transmitting and receiving.

The LUNGS are shaped like Upside Down Trees – how do you like that?

Here is a little video that I made in the back yard – Yes I know I had the camera turned sideways – wasn’t really thinking it through at the moment – but you’ll get the point and still enjoy the essence of the visuals and the message I think! Tree People

I learned about “Imperfect Action” from Lisa Sasevich and Kevin Nations last week at the Monetize Your Mission event in Las Vegas that I attended – When I finished the video and realized that I had done it sideways I decided to go for it anyway – Imperfect Action is way better than sitting on your butt just thinking about it or wasting life force energy doing things over and over until you get them just right – sometimes you just have to go for it and deliver what you’ve got – that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t aim to do our best only that we need to get over being paralyzed by perfectionism.

Thanks to the tree people for calling me out of the house to share some of their majesty with you!! Enjoy…..

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