visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineOver the last 2 weeks or so the lungs have been UP — WAY UP in my medicine work with people.  I’ve had several clients who received “etheric lung transplants” and have also had a number of people around me who have been talking about lung cancer.  So many references and connections to the lungs that I was really starting to wonder – what’s this all about?  The

New Earth Midwife - Work in progress by Julieanne Reed

New Earth Midwife - Work in progress by Julieanne Reed

Vibe is that we are really being called more than ever before to PAY ATTENTION – pay attention to the BREATH, pay attention to the TREES, pay attention to the SOURCE of the LIFE FORCE that is actually keeping us embodied here on this plane.  As I contemplated this whole Lung thing I sent out a call to some of my medicine connections and asked their take on it.  Immediately I was sent a painting in progress by Color Shaman Julieanne Reed (  This painting which she is birthing at the moment is speaking about both the dissolution of the old earth and the birthing of the new – as she was putting it down on paper her guidance was to place the lungs in to the new earth first.

Makes sense yes?  So what does that mean for us – first of all it’s vital right now to really connect with the breath.  To take deep, full, cleansing, intoxicating breath.  Fill your lungs, fill them to their fullest capacity, breath in slowly, deeply, intentionally, consciously.  Take in the life force, take it deep into every cell, every molecule, every particle of your physical being.  The breath is like the glue that holds you to this plane.  Your first experience in physical form after leaving the body of the woman who carried and co-created you is that first INHALE.   Your final experience on this plane up until now has been that final release of the breath – the last EXHALE.

Hale and hearty are two words that are used to describe someone who is in peak physical condition.  Isn’ that interesting – Hale – connects you with the breath and Hearty connects you to the heart.  As you can see the breath comes first in this painting by my Color Shaman Sistar.  So breathing is VITAL now.  In my medicine tradition it is through the breath that energetic transmissions are made.  Through the breath that our prayers are placed into our despachos, through the breath that we share our life force with each other.  We use our breath to communicate our deepest messages – our voice is carried on the breath.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.
Important note – when you breathe shallowly the body goes into a state of anxiety triggering the flight or fight response.  Constant shallow breathing creates that high stress – always on the alert state that leads to heart attack and other stress related diseases and death to the physical body.  When you breath deeply the message that the body recieves is one of peace, calm and presence.  You can actually bring the fullness of your personal presence most deeply into embodiment through the act of conscious breathing.  I have recorded a special audio breath coaching for you which you can access here:  Breathing In The Light

Another piece of my medicine work in the last few weeks turned up some interesting issues in the lungs – in particular I worked with a client who had hooks that were embedded in the back lower lungs on both sides – virtually invisible before we did some illumination work – these hooks had created etheric “puncture” holes – 4 of them – in her lower lung lobes – these puncture holes were allowing the escape and draining of precious life force energy.  This particular client has been suffering from fibro myalgia and sleep deprivation – this was our third session during which she wanted to focus on the sleep deprivation since the symptoms of fibro myalgia are now dissapating since our second session together as she has utilized the energy of serpent to shed that story.   I don’t yet have feedback on the results around her sleep issue but will post here as I receive it.  The point is if you are experiencing any kind of energy drain you may wish to scan your own body and particularly the lungs to see if there is something hooked into you that needs to go!  If you need assistance with this I am now offering Personal Energy Assessments for $97.00 – You can contact me directly to see about scheduling an assessment for yourself.  603-594-2744 please leave a message that says I want a PEA! or send me Email that says I want a PEA! in the subject line.

In breath we find the life force – R U breathing lately – consciously? Deeply? & Appreciatively? Send thanks to trees.

Thank you for your time and attention – and remember to BREATHE!

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new earth8

New Earth Midwife V. 8 - Work in progress by Julieanne Reed

This just in from Color Shaman Julieanne – in the original draft of the painting she had two snakes – but the work has started to morph – transforming – snake is embracing the depiction of the earth that is passing away – the old paradigms we are shedding – the old dreams that are dying – the snake is squeezing out that last breath as the crow shaman midwifes the birth of the new earth who is surrounded now by Earthworms.  Here is some info she found online that she shared with me about Earthworm ( info originally came here:

Examining the Past

When Earthworm appears, it is time to work over all we have been experiencing,
a time to examine and digest what has occurred in our life.
Then we can cast off what is not beneficial or necessary – clean house emotionally.
This allows new growth.

Earthworm also reminds us that no matter how small our efforts seem,
we are reshaping the earth around us.
The past (including past lives) influences the present and the future.
Unless we recognize and acknowledge the past,
we can repeat the same mistakes.

Earthworm also cautions about putting ourselves into a vulnerable position.
We need to be careful when before throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into something new. Do not react hastily. Work over the old before starting anything new.

Earthworm reminds us that no matter how difficult things might have been,
new growth and new hope awaits us.