Lime Green with A White Vinyl Roof!

Lime Green with A White Vinyl Roof!

When I was 16 I bought my very first car – and paid for it myself – a 1974 Chevy Impala – Lime Green with a White Vinyl Roof – and a 400 engine under the hood – man could that car GO!!

The energies that we are working with right now remind me so much of that time in my life when I was young and free and newly blossoming into adulthood – had my own car – could go anywhere I wanted (as long as I dropped $25.00 at every gas station along the way – this was the 70’s – remember the gas crisis?) and more importantly was awakening to my own personal power and to my relationship with the opposite sex. My dad insisted when I went to buy my first car that I have a “big one” something that would hold up if I got in an accident. He was a car man – my dad – not a motorhead kind of car man – he was the white collar version – sold cars for a living and wore a white shirt and tie every day along with his Old Spice. I LOVED the freedom of being able to drive and I remember I’d often sit at red lights revving my engine – one foot on the gas – one foot on the brakes – ready to race any boy who happened to pull up next to me. Of course I ALWAYS won!

So energetically we are sitting in that place – revving our engines – one foot on the gas, one foot on the brakes and maybe even doing a little of that start/stop/start/stop/start/stop thing that you see sometimes in movies when two cars are getting ready to race. The invitation is to ease up a bit – take your foot off the gas – conserve your fuel and let the engine idle a little bit longer. There is a building up of energies, a “concentration” of energies that you want to be doing now – it will serve to conserve!

Store up, resource, rejuvenate and allow yourself to revel in the Retrograde – we have a few more weeks to rest as Mercury leaves Retrograde at the end of the month – recapitulate and reap the harvest from the last three months of deep transformation and inner world shifting that has been unfolding. The time for the reflection of your interior shift into your outer world is going to be coming very very quickly now. Expect that in June you will begin the process of “outpicturing” and manifesting all that you have been dreaming of and desiring to create. All that you were longing for as you moved through the sometimes painful process of releasing and letting go is about to burst forth into your personal universe. That longing is what was propelling the deep shifts, the quantum leaps and the instant decisions that had to be made to transmute the old constructs that were holding you in place and keeping you from fulfilling your destiny as a light bearer. Give yourself a little more time to cleanse, perhaps to grieve, to recover your equilibrium and to prepare for the beauty and the joy and the excitement of the coming months as you blossom and grow even more beautifully. Know that you are in a process – a continuous improvement process – a process of evolution within which you are being innately called from your soul matrix to continually change and grow into the next highest version, the next highest vibrational frequency of who you are.

Should you need some assistance in coming into equilibrium – breaking through to balance – Shamanic Medicine and Sound Therapy are both excellent modalities for facilitating this work.

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