So much movement is being called for – everyone is being deeply called to more fully align in every single way with who they are, why they are here and more importantly where they are supposed to be. A great migration is underway for many light beings as we more fully move on from the old denser, heavier paradigm, move out of relationship, work, living environments that no longer serve and move through whatever is being surfaced within us individually for healing and atonement.

visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineToday the Rock Rolled out. My husband of almost four years and I are parting ways and both of us are being called into a more full expression of our individual, unique and high purpose. As with any ending there is certainly a gamut of emotional responses that we have been moving through. Without a doubt this present movement is calling forth change and healing in every level of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Thankfully both of us are equipped with the tools in our tool box to move the energy, move ourselves and move our light into fuller expression.

Munay-Ki Crystal Illumination

Munay-Ki Crystal Illumination

The Munay-Ki Crystal – which my husband assumed stewardship of two years ago – has contributed to amplifying the frequency and to revealing the truth of our individual paths and the pieces of healing that both of us came together to facilitate with each other and through our relationship.  It is time for this magnificent specimen, this brilliant Earth Keeper, to leave this space and to travel to other parts – spreading light and illumination and high energy blessings on it’s epic journey.  I am grateful for the presence of this being in my life as I am grateful for the presence that my husband brought to my life and my journey to this point as well.

For all of you who are moving now – blessings on your journey – we are all moving, whether it is inwardly or outwardly.  All being called to our higher destiny – all being offered the choice about where we wish to co-create the highest vision of our true calling.  It is up to us how we are going to create what is next – it is vitally important that we release, detach and forgive ourselves and any others involved – freeing ourselves – all parts of ourselves for we are each reflections of one another – to travel, to move on in clarity and beauty.

I am incredibly grateful for the medicine practices of fire ceremony, despacho, sound therapy, illumination, extraction, soul retrieval, and luminous field reconstruction that I have in my personal toolbox which have been instrumental in my ability to navigate this transition with some semblance of balance, clarity, and focus.  Even still it is clear to me each day that I must set aside sacred time and space for myself to heal and to integrate these changes.  I strongly recommend that you access energy medicine work if you are feeling pulled out of your center and into chaotic, confusing or destructive energies that contribute to imbalance, disharmony or disease in your life.

As we each move into our totally new spaces and places we are also going to be given the opportunity to learn from the lessons of this last circuit on the spiral journey and to apply those lessons or re-visit them once again with others who will come forth to reflect for us whatever is in need of being brought out to the light for reconciliation.  The coming month of May is going to be a particularly energized period of clearing, balancing and re-visiting the inner and outer work of the last three months supported by the Mercury Retrograde that is commencing on May 6 and will continue through to the end of the month.    Be kind and gentle to yourself.  Be open to even deeper and further shifts as you move through the retrograde.  Be open to receiving guidance, wisdom, and healing.  Allow yourself plenty of space to breathe, to integrate and to clarify your deepest dreams and desires.  June is going to be a phenomenal awakening month for so many who are still deeply asleep to the Great Turning – now is our time to re-source and prepare to serve at our peak levels.

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