As discussed in the last Vibe Report we are in a period of major re-alignment – all over the planet there are shifting energies – that are pushing, pulling, and in some cases shoving us to get into the positions, places and relationships that are aligned with our highest vibration and the highest level of service that can be manifested through us at this time.

Some  are facing these energies and manifesting them in the form of abrupt endings – divorce, separation, layoffs, evictions, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc.  Others are on the other side of that coin – in the position of declaring that whatever the situation is the time has come to end it.  Both sides of this coin can be very painful and emotional  spots to be in and for some of us we are in both places in different circumstances.

As an example I know of someone who has been in an intimate relationship with a woman for over 30 years and suddenly she has decided the time has come to end this relationship – sending him packing – right away.   In turn he is now in a place where he needs to find an alternate place to stay and so he is sending an 83 year old woman packing from the condo he has been renting to her for the last 15 years – right away.

The energies at play right now have a real sense of URGENCY to them – NOW is the time for the shifting – no more F!$&*#% AROUND.  It is clear that this month of April has been the “breaking point” time for many, many, many people who have literally come to the “end”.  It’s very interesting because typically Spring is a time of rebirth (which of course is also at play) but the energies are really strongly still pushing for ENDINGS.

All is well though – as you move through whatever part of the process you are in you are being gifted with the opportunity for a really deep cleansing.  This is the opportunity for your soul to clear – karmically, ancestrally, and energetically all that is preventing you from accessing and fully activating your deep destiny.  The pressure for this will continue to be amplified further and further in the coming weeks and months.

This is a time for getting so very clear on your own deep soul’s calling, for clearing out all the psychic sludge, for reconciling a multitude of past lifetimes and for calling forth all the gifts, blessings, lessons, stories and teachings from those lifetimes for your use at this time to assist you in navigating the GREAT CHANGES.

Stripping away all the trappings of story and getting to the core essence of who you are and why you are here is continuing and there are many ways that you can “help yourself” in this process.  The best advice that I can offer is practicing what I call “Stay In Today” thinking.  As you access the stillness and the presence and the power available to you in the NOW moment and you let go of past conditioning and future tripping you are better able to respond to the energetic “requests” of the moment.

There is a lot of stop & start energy going on  – take a step – now take two – now stop – now turn around and go back – now take a step to the right – now one to the left – now stop again.  It’s like a weird little funky dance that to the logical mind makes absolutely NO SENSE at all – but which we are being CALLED to do and called deeply to do it NOW.  No excuses, no maybe laters, no let me think about its – NOW and quickly please!

The practice of deep cleansing breathing and spending time as much as possible out in nature is very beneficial, calming, and restorative.  This last week of April and first week of May is an opportunity to do a real clean sweep – getting at those “energetic dust bunnies” that might be hiding in your life.  Let go, let go, let go is the mantra and trust and faith that all is working perfectly and with a higher order.

Take care of your physical and emotional clearing by supporting the body with high energy, high vibrational, organic super foods – personally I’ve been able to navigate this process with much greater ease and grace specifically because I have been eating at least one to two bliss balls per day (recipe follows).  The physical and emotional body is also served by detoxifying seasalt baths, healing sessions, time outdoors on Mother Earth and just a general attitude of “being easy” with yourself -while at the same time – MOVING NOW on what you are being called to do – whether that is leaving or ending a relationship or resting and recovering from the breaking of old contracts, patterns, relationships, experiences, etc.

Shamanic and sound medicine work is highly beneficial to support your transitions.  Specifically because these modalities work at the energetic level – they are highly effective at assisting you to come more immediately into alignment and balance following these abrupt calls for movement and change.  Expect that entry onto a shamanic path of healing will require at least 7 – 12 sessions over a 3 – 6 month period for full effectiveness.  Sound therapy assists in this process, is also highly activating and can be accessed as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with the shamanic work.  Appointments are presently available for both.  Please contact me directly to book.

Bliss Balls (If you don’t have all the ingredients don’t worry – you’ll make the best of it – the core ingredients of cacao and coconut oil are the base – whatever else you can add just makes the whole thing even more beneficial and energizing – all organic ingredients of course!)
Dark Cacao Powder, Dark Cacao Nibs, Coconut Oil,  Hempseed Nuts, Chia Seed, Bee Pollen, Honey, Flaxseed, Goji Berries, Maca, Mesquite, Pure Synergy (from The Synergy Company) mix all together in proportions so that it creates a thick paste – roll into balls – I insert an Inca Goldenberry into the center of each ball and roll them in coconut too.

Thanks to my medicine brother John Dugish for turning me on to these – I’m eternally grateful for the gift!

Personally I am moving through a big separation process in several intimate family relationships and simultaneously am connecting more and more to members of my “soul family” which is certainly helping to ease the transitions.   None of us are immune to the calling, the urgings of the soul to SHIFT once more and to come ever more fully into our limitless light.  I send out prayers of loving support and light to all as we each navigate coming into a greater place of balance in relationship to ourselves, our brothers and siSTARS, our Mother the Earth and our individual path of deep destiny.