Whew – What a phenomonal energetic shift has transpired for so very many in such an incredibly short period time – within days and in fact really within moments many, many of us have made INTENSE, monumental, life changing decisions that have been calling to be made – now.  We have become so much more incredibly sensitive to the energies and are manifesting at such a rapid rate now that with each choice we have near instant feedback that allows us to discern whether the choice “feels” good or not.visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline

The feelings that are being cleared and cleansed  are those of fear, low self worth, confusion, lack of direction, overwhelm, anger, sadness, guilt, blame, judgement, unforgiveness, depression, and addiction.  As these energies lift – as the decisions are made and the actions taken to shift the circumstances that perpetuate these feelings – the lightness returns and the creative juices begin to flow at very high levels.
We are all stepping further and further into our Creator roles with greater and greater consciousness.  We are being given the opportunity now to continue to “play” at Creator and to hone and trim away all that no longer serves to come in to the fullness of our true and focused vision for our selves and our soul purpose.  The heaviness is being lifted as we review, realign and redirect our energies.  With each parting – each letting go – each ending we are offered the opportunity to be conscious and to harvest with immense gratitude the lessons learned, the gifts received and to be conscious about leaving behind none of our personal energy nor taking any that is not ours to carry and keep any more.

We are being called to become energetically more and more independent of each other while simultaneously recognizing and cultivating our remembrance of our deep inter-dependence.  Energetic Freedom in the Framework of the community, the brother and sistarhood of our deep soul family.  As you may have noticed the connections with soul family are now greater than they have ever been – we are now finding ourselves and finding each other and those days of “going it alone” “feeling like the only one” “being the only light in town” are now long passed.  If you are not yet experiencing these deep seemingly new but actually ancient connections be patient with yourself – you are just not quite ready to come out of the bud yet – when you begin to unfurl though you will see that there is an ABUNDANCE of flowering going on – all around you – every where you look – as far as the eye can see.  You will find yourself surrounded in all directions with deep soul connections that will lift you up and support you energetically without the old “overwhelming” you or “stealing” from you dynamics that we have played out with each other on the energy level for so long.  Those days are passing quickly and for some have already passed.

Allow yourself to feel held and supported without “I Owe You” feelings or “You Owe Me” thoughts.   Instead – consciously choose to replace these thoughts and feelings with I!! OH You!! or You!! OH Me!!  Thought/feeling forms of surprise, delight, awe and wonder at the miracle of the beings before you and all around you – all of your relations – all in sacred harmony – all in Divine Union with your energetic matrix – all experiencing Synergistic Energy eXchange (yes that’s S.E.X.) – at the core essence – shifting giving and taking to sending and receiving in freedom and joy!

Enjoy your blossoming – it is truly a time to bloom….

Here is a beautiful reminder that you may enjoy perusing:

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Ever feel like everyone else is blooming and your bud is shut up tight? Stuck between a Rock and A Hard Place? Just not able to open up to the light? If you need a little tending to the garden of your soul I have some “gardening” tools that might help get through the weeds and rocks to the place where the tender shoots can be cultivated and given room to grow – Shamanic Medicine Healing & Sound Therapy appointments now available – bookings available in May…..

Event Reminders:
Crystal Readings At the EveryWoman Expo sponsored by the Nashua Telegraph – Wednesday April 22, (EARTHDAY!) 5 – 8 PM at the Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua, NH

Presenting the Psychic Workout on Sunday the 26th at 3:00 PM in the Breathe Room at the Love, Light and Laughter Event at the Qunicy Marriott in Quincy MA – Tickets & Info HERE