Greetings and love to you dearest Children, Sisters and Brothers in Light. I AM the Mary of Magdelen & I AM Here today to teach you of the power and path of forgiveness. For ever so many of you , the pain and sadness of the experiences in your life that have felt harmful in some way are being carried with you into every single new experience and relationship that you enter. This pain,

Magdalene vibrates to the ruby ray of feminine wisdom. Join her. Embedded with Elestial Rose Quartz, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 234,567.

Magdalene vibrates to the ruby ray of feminine wisdom. Join her. Embedded with Elestial Rose Quartz, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 234,567.

sadness, emotional charge, creates a force field within your energetic body that automatically draws to you more experiences and relationships where the same underlying pattern of the initial wounding repeats and replays itself over and over again within this lifetime and oftentimes carried forth from previous lifetimes.

The one and only “cure” for this is the practice of forgiveness. For so many of you the mere idea of forgiveness is an anathema. How could this outrage, this insult, this injustice, this mortal wound ever be forgiven? The truth is that it can and must be for you to complete the cycle of energy that was created by the experience.

Each experience, each relationship that you are a part of is perfectly and seamlessly designed to deliver to you a very profound gift. Understand that as you journey on your Earthwalk there are ages and stages that you go through, and that during each of these stages, initiatory experiences are presented for the lessons that your soul desires to learn and grow. Each experience is perfectly designed and each has within it a gift or lesson for you.

Whenever you are presented with a challenge, consider it an opportunity to revisit all of your previous challenges and to recapitulate for yourself the gifts of power that were hidden in those times or experiences. When you get caught up in your story of your present or past challenges and you nurse them they will grow and multiply and the Universe will continue to bring you more of the same. If you can stop for a single moment indulging in the drama of your story and instead look at what is unfolding, determine the emotional charge that is present and go back into your past, into your roots and find another time where this feeling was present, you can choose another path.

This new path, the path of forgiveness, is the path of power. On this new path, instead of nursing your wounds and feeding your story, you harvest the gift of power. Most often the gift of power will be found nestled in your heart. As you release past transgressions through forgiveness and you begin the process of harvesting all the nuggets of gold, all the gifts of power, all the lessons of light, your present lifetime will begin to heal and you will begin to blossom into the being of radiant light that you were destined to be.

Feed the seeds of love, feed the seeds of light with the mulch that you create in the letting go and surrender of old, dead layers of experience that have trapped your life force in endless cycles of drama and trauma. Allow yourself to receive your very own gifts of grace. Accept the nurturance and sustenance that is available to you in your very own soul coming from each experience of conflict and opposition that has been drawn to you for resolution and transformation into light.

I and all of my sisters in light – the Glorious Goddesses – are ever present and by your side to guide and protect you through this process . I Am the Mary Magdelene & I Love You.

The preceding channeled message from Magdelene is excerpted from a forthcoming book – Opening the Rose – Gifts of Grace from the Glorious Goddesses

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