Flood water rushes through the sluice gates of the Three Gorges Dam (link from China Daily News)

Flood water rushes through the sluice gates of the Three Gorges Dam (link from China Daily News)

Well the vibe over the last week or so has been filled with a very high “pressure”. I liken it to water moving through the sluice gates in a dam.  There has been a huge buildup of energy and it’s all being  jammed through a tiny little opening at high speed.  When this kind of energy wave is coming through it can be quite a ride for those of us who are sensitive.  We can feel completely ungrounded, lost , tossed about, like everything is in chaos.  The truth is though that we are really being carried forth into another level of being.

One of the most interesting ideas that I “received” while channeling an Archangelic messsage a few years ago was the idea of “grounding” into water.  Most of the time we think of grounding or we teach grounding by encouraging the visualization of roots being put down into the earth – like the roots of a great tree.  Grounding is super important for everyone and it is becoming more and more important as time speeds up and the waves of change accelerate.  The energy that is coming in is HIGHLY charged – highly electrical energy.  It grounds through the the magnetism within the Earth’s field and we are “electro-magnetic” beings through which the energy travels and withinwhich both energies – electric and magnetic – blend and flow together in a beautiful dance.

We are like lightening rods – Spirit STRIKES! (Inspiration!!) and if we are grounded into the Earth we are able to (almost instantly now) manifest all that we are inspired/desire to create. When we ground into Earth not only are we are able to manifest all that we desire, we are also bringing the highest of vibrations into physical form.  This is truly what we are here to do – to be creators – to be bringing the high frequencies of the upper realms to life here through ourselves and our being in the world and through whatever it is that we create in to form (whether it’s the form of a thing or an idea or a practice or a service).  It is our work to literally, in every sense of the words, create HEAVEN ON MOTHER EARTH now!

We use the matter, all the elements of earth to create.  The idea came through that it is equally possible to “ground” into water.  If you’ve ever noticed a thunderstorm and you live near a body of water you’ll notice how the storm is attracted to the water – I’m sure you’ve heard the teaching to stay off the water during storms.  Lightning will “follow” the river down the street from where I live – I’ve seen the storms gather and travel down river plenty of times.  So how do we “ground” into water?  Well if you think about it your body is mostly made up of water.  So it should be fairly easy to “tune in” to the vibration of water and make that grounding connection.  The difference between “grounding” into earth and “grounding” into water is that we have this idea in our heads that earth is more solid and therefore we may feel more secure.
When the energy is moving like it has been in the last few weeks though the call is to be MUCH MORE FLUID!  Grounding into water you learn that the water will not only hold you up but it will also carry you effortlessly almost to where you need to be next.  If you are fixated on “holding on” (grounding to earth) during a fluid/accelerated time like we are presently navigating then you will really be feeling very ripped apart and tossed around because you are trying desparately to find a purchase somewhere in a rapidly flowing river of energy.  Instead – let go.  Simply let go and trust.  Better than that let go, float and ENJOY the ride.  People pay Big $$ to go white water rafting and they get a huge thrill out of going through the rapids – why because it’s exciting and filled with high energy and high risk.  It’s a high energy high risk time – if you are feeling like leaping into your next greatest vision of who you are becoming NOW is a great time to leap right in – ride the rapids with a big smile and a WAHOOEY and see where the stream of life lands you.  I’m sure it will be on very fertile ground.  Enjoy the journey!

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