A sudden awareness came forth for me late last week – after having heard from a number of people who were wondering if Mercury was in retrograde what with all the re-visiting that many were doing around old wounds, traumas, patterns & relationships. It became quite clear that what was happening was a full LIFE REVIEW.

visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineBack in January during the “actual” Mercury Retrograde we had an opportunity to go around again and revisit all of our old woundings to discover that they were now truly healed and most importantly to discover that there were “gifts” in those woundings that we had left behind in our intense focus on the healing process – so that was a time to really re-visit once more and “harvest” those gifts. This time around the experience has been to re-visit once more and to notice that there is just no more “charge” there at all – in fact it’s an opportunity to affirm that the slate is really clean – completely clear. The opportunity to make this re-visitation is also stirring up a LOT of past life traumas that are now surfacing for release – once we move through the trauma of this present life the threads go back in to many past lives where we have “played” out a similar “story” over and over again. These threads are all coming to the surface to be released – many of my clients have been experiencing “root” chakra issues and also “throat” chakra issues that are ready to be cleared at the energetic level.

The feeling is that this period is more than just a “present” life review – it’s more like a “soul level” life review. How you choose to navigate this is very important. You have an option to be the “witness” just observing what is unfolding in each moment – each day – or alternatively to “engage” in the process of what is happening there by energizing it and expanding upon it by giving it your focus and attention.

As my good friend Nicole Whitney of News For the Soul Radio says – What you Focus On Expands. So if you are suddenly feeling “caught up” in an old story, a life drama or experiencing physical symptoms that seem to have arisen out of no where – be advised that holding the witness stance can give you the advantage of being able to really see what’s going on from a broader perspective and can also help you to maintain and sustain your own personal energy for application to living your soul’s highest purpose and destiny – which ultimately is re-union with your highest essence or Source and bringing that high essence/vibration to enliven and elevate (ascend) your physical, emotional and mental experience of Creation.

Breathing, yoga, meditation, body work, attunements, activations, sound therapy, shamanic healing and other modalities of energy work that keep you humming along nicely in what Penney Pierce calls your “home” frequency are highly beneficial. It is good to work with others who are trained and equipped to assist you in moving through your own personal journey and don’t be surprised if you also have some “spontaneous” release work or experiences of being worked on directly by the “upstairs team”. Heed the calls to rest and to quiet time alone in nature which is incredibly healing and beneficial for your body, mind and spirit.

I am reminded to share with you that often (this can be validated by many mom’s out there) when a child is ready to make a developmental “leap” they will regress – so see this regression (recession?) as a precursor to a developmental leap that you (and perhaps our nation too) are about ready to take.  I’m also reminded of bowling in my youth – we took three steps back to work up to the big swing and then released the ball in a straight shot as we took three GIANT Steps forward for the STRIKE!!  Going backwards is ok as long as you are clear that it’s in preparation for where you are going next!  Take advantage of it – what are the gifts in EACH AND EVERY Experience??

I am happy to welcome you to a free call being offered by Suzanne Falter Barns Tuesday March 24 where I’ll be doing some “Spiritual Spring Cleaning” for Suzanne – remember that a healing for one is a healing for all so if you are feeling a desire to be on this call you are sure to benefit. Trust the still small voice that is nudging you towards your greatest expression of your deep Divine Nature.

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